How To Stand Out In Your Emails

With 205 billion emails being sent every day (that’s 2.4 million a second), it’s no surprise that sometimes your email can get lost in translation. Whether you’re a business trying to gain customers or a writer trying to reach content related websites, getting your email right is essential to your success. You need to spend time on your emails, not just write them up as and when. When emails equal leads, you need to plan out what you need to say. Below are just a few tips on how to stand out in your emails so you can increase your outreach success.

Use A Catchy Title

It may sound a tad obvious, but your title is the first thing anyone sees when you send them an email. This title gets cut short by some email providers, so you need to make sure you’re quick but descriptive with your title. Try your best to explain what you’re offering in as little words as possible (but still be sure it makes sense as a sentence). You can use buzz words such as “free” or “limited time only” depending on what you’re offering. If you want to be more personal with your email you can say things like “I love your website” or “We should work together”. Adding words like “me”, “I” and “we” shows you more as a person and your email is more likely to catch attention.

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Know Who Your Audience Is

It doesn’t matter who you are emailing, you need to make sure that you have the right person and you also need to address them correctly. Do a little research on that person before sending them an email, chances are they’ve made comments about emails on social media before and it might give you a few tips on how to approach them. You can also find out more about them, see if they’re outgoing and approachable or more professional and reserved. Use your knowledge to your advantage and even mention things you notice to make the email personal. For example, if you see they have an adorable black Labrador you can mention the dog in your email as an ice breaker/way to catch their attention.

Be Open And Friendly

We’re all human at the end of the day, most people can see through lingo and know exactly what you want from them. The best way to write the email is honestly, as the saying goes “honestly is the best policy”. Make sure that in your email you are explaining exactly what you would like from them, also make sure you’re being friendly. You should always get someone to have a look over your email before you send it, as you could sound passive aggressive without even knowing it! Being open allows the person your emailing to see you laid bare, something which many actually appreciate (which has been proven to increase reply rates).

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Add Personal Touches

As I touched on in “knowing your audience”, you need to add personal touches on both sides to sound as human as possible. You can mention anything they have said or done and comment on how much you agree or like it or you can add your own personal experiences in to show that you’re more than just a salesperson or marketer. Like with the dog example above, you can make a comment such as “I see you have a black lab, our family used to have one called Ben and he was so well behaved; I’m sure yours is much the same!” or something along those lines. Adding personal touches in every email (not just one), shows that you’re approachable and gives someone a reason to reply.

Give Them A Reason To Reply

Your email is effectively you selling yourself first and your business or service second. You need to give them a reason to reply, so make sure to ask them questions in your email or give a fantastic pitch. Being approachable and personal is one reason to reply, but asking questions is a more direct way of getting answers from the person you’re emailing. Just saying “we’re having a sale and everything is 50% off” is mostly just a statement and doesn’t warrant a reply, a better way to phrase that example would be to say you’re having a sale but the only way to claim the offer is to email back with a word/code. You then give them a reason to reply, without having to ask any questions.

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