Fast & Cost Effective Email Marketing Techniques

Internet-MarketingHave you ever analyzed ROI of your PPC campaigns, Facebook advertising and other lead generation methods? Well you can actually see this all in analytics dashboard by configuring tracking of all these platforms. If done wrong, these techniques may cost you a lot - resulting in low conversion. In comparison to these channels, email marketing looks good way to me for lead generation at lesser expense.

Email marketing is a great and engaging way to reach out to potential customers through emails. It broadcasts your Business's message and new offers through a collaborative mix of informative graphics, texts, images and videos to hundreds and thousands of people who are relevant to your industry. Core experts recommend you to put a high level of personalization, optimizing call to action and running A/B tests as on-going strategy.

Is Email Marketing Out-dated? No - It still has impact! See some facts and statistics:

  • According to a study, there are more than 3.9 B email accounts worldwide.
  • $44.25 average return on every $1 expense on email marketing
  • 95% of online consumers use email
  • 91% of buyers check their email at least once a day
  • 48% of emails opened on mobile devices
  • Emails are 40 times better at getting new leads than Facebook and Twitter
  • 94% of businesses use email while only 61% of them use social media.
  • 60% of online marketers agree that email marketing is a win-win game for their organizations

Following the positive statistics being described, small businesses should use this channel as a potential way to:

  1. Retain existing customers
  2. Acquiring new customers
  3. Brand awareness and getting ROI

How to Get Started

  • Creating a Database of people who want to hear from you
  • Starting a communication with customers; offering them Knowledge-base and Teaching
  • Creating a loyal fan following
  • Developing opportunities for your Subscribers to become buyers

Benefits of Email Marketing

  1. Start Instantaneously - You don't need any big set-up to arrange and organize. With the use of an account with any email marketing provider, you can quickly get start your marketing.
  2. Quick message delivery - As soon as you build your Email list and prepare your Email Content, you will be able to deliver your message. No headache of delays in printing, distribution and postage.
  3. Keep your Users Engaged - Regular communication helps you stay connected and engaged with your customers.
  4. You can customize - Based upon recipient's preferences, you can customize your email to target your audience.
  5. Receive Instant Responses - Based on email clicks, read and user action, you will get instant responses from readers.
  6. Email Tracing - With the help of analytics service of the email marketing provider, you can measure the number of emails sent, bounced, clicks on links within emails
  7. Diversity of Content - You can be flexible with the content used in emails. Instead of text and text, you can use audio clips, graphics and videos as well.
  8. Traffic on Website or Blog - It also helps you to get more website views, more content to be read and more goal completions.
  9. Increasing number of referrals - It's quite easy to get more shares of your message/email by your readers. As a result, you will get referral audience.
  10. An easy way to keep your customers informed - Your emails can be used to let your readers know about your new products, services or hot offers.
  11. Emails Coupons result in more sales - E-coupons drive sales and email marketing is the perfect pitch for it.

If you are looking for new business leads and retain your one-time buyers; newsletter and email campaigns can really boost revisits from old buyers and acquire new users. Not to mention, personalized pitch will get some user engagement and reacting as assistant conversions.


If you have any questions, please ask below!