How Online Videos Contribute to the Global Village

Long ago, media was comprised of one-way communication channels, delivering one-size-fits-all messages from big companies to the masses. While consumers had access to movie cameras and recording equipment, the channels for promoting and showing home videos or personal films were very limited.


Then came the internet, broadband, and online videos, all of which formed the Global Village—a more democratized, open way to show videos to widespread and diverse audiences.

Your Visual Story Matters

The internet has drastically leveled the playing field so that everyone can participate in video making. No longer do you have to create a multi-million-dollar production to get people’s attention. You can also create affordable videos attract audiences at home, without a professional degree.

Technology access is no longer a barrier to express yourself in a video. Video is becoming one of the most effective marketing channels to reach a target audience. People often prefer video to scrolling through long lines of text. But it’s always a good idea to transcribe your video or people want to reference the exact copy for clarity.

Thanks to online video, your story can be freely told in many ways both artistically and visually. One of the most memorable ways to tell a story is with animation that provides fun and easy-to-digest imagery. People of all ages love animation, partly because it’s one of the first forms of art they experience at a young age and it always sticks with them.

Tapping into Logic and Creativity

Logic and creativity make a good mix when it comes to education. While logical storytelling includes who, what, where, and why in order appeal to the left side of the brain, visual stimuli such as colorful art appeals to the more emotional and creative right side of the brain. An explainer video is a perfect way to mix both forms in order to create the perfect harmony for memorable storytelling.

Visual art is a powerful mode of communication that enhances a well-planned audio soundtrack. Remember, however, that you don’t need to be a perfect cinematographer in order to create good video content. The appeal of online videos is the more low-key production values that aren’t meant to compete with blockbuster films special effects and big name celebrities.

Viewers may be more likely to trust your brand if you appear more down to earth. Then again, there are other ways to tell your story through video if you decide you want a more serious presentation. What’s most important is that you recognize video as an opportunity to use a modern communication channel that captures attention better than traditional one-dimensional marketing.

Conversations Worth Sharing with the World

Interviews are an authoritative way to convey new information to an audience. Some people prefer to learn from intriguing conversations than from reading articles or a stack of books. Interviews are powerful when a speaker is an expert in their field or provides an emotional connection. You can also create great content by interviewing customers about your product or service. In fact, that’s how many consumers learn about new businesses.

Even if you’re making a video to train your staff, interviews can help accelerate the learning curve. You can use role-playing in which one person is the expert and another is the student who asks questions.

Video Creation Can Fit Any Budget

Making fun and interesting videos within a sensible budget has an added bonus in the modern Global Village: you can share them for free through social media. One of the most popular forms of engagement on Facebook and Instagram is sharing videos, especially with people who enthusiastically gravitate toward the topic. Creating a video about what your online following already cares about makes them feel special and they can share your video with their friends.

Sharing online videos through social media can expand a following quickly. All you need is the right script and visuals to effectively tell your story. Regardless of which geographic market, economic class or social group you’re trying to reach, online video is an effective way to create a global image. Your first step is toput your ideas on paper as a storyboard, simply by creating boxes with descriptions of each scene.

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