How Content Impacts Email Deliverability

Subscriber engagement is an integral metric that will determine a campaign’s email deliverability. It’s more than a short-term victory for your brand, as ensuring your email is personalized and engaging means more open and click-through rates. As a result, it will not send your message to a junk folder.


Your content can, therefore, determine your campaign’s sending reputation. If you want to avoid those annoying spam filters, you must first learn how content can impact email deliverability.

A New Email Design

It only takes one new email design for your message to end up in the dreaded junk mail folder. For instance, an old template may have helped you to build a positive sending reputation, until you created an email with little text and keyword stuffing. This is an instant red flag; you will be unlikely to get much success from your email campaign, and it may in fact count against your campaign and your larger business goals. Unfortunately, there will be only one direction for your message, and it won’t be to the recipient’s inbox. If it doesn’t end up in the spam folder, you may notice a decline in your engagement rates. If this happens, you must review your current content to create campaigns recipients want to read. One thing you must do is offer dynamic content that doesn’t resemble spam, or you could trigger a spam filter that might be hard to recover from.

It is also imperative that you constantly review your email templates to ensure they appear fresh and engaging. Email techniques are constantly evolving but readers quickly becoming savvy to trends and styles. What may have increased your response a few months ago may not be engaging readers anymore. It’s vital that you stay ahead of the curve and develop new and unique ways to portray your message and engage the reader.

A Reputable Email Service Provider

There is no reason to hire a team of developers for an email marketing campaign as there are some fantastic email service providers who can do the hard work for you. For instance, you can utilize marketing automation software by MailChimp, who can help you create eye-catching emails to successfully convey your company message, connect your e-commerce store and build your brand. Use the tools to send automated emails that have the wow factor, as you can create dynamic, personalized content that will help your company to reach its marketing objectives. A well-designed email can build trust in your products and services, which can boost your open rate and click-through rate, while increasing your ROI.

The Perfect Balance

No subscriber wants to open an email to a mound of text. It’s vital you perfectly balance your text against high-quality images to create a visually-appealing email. Having said this, the images you use should be relevant to the text. There is no point stuffing an email with lots of bright images if they have no bearing to the message you are trying to get across. Select images that enhance your message; by adding a relevant visual aid, the reader will instantly process your message and will understand the point of the email.

Use your judgement to balance photos against content to guarantee your email deliverability. Include relevant images that add to the text, rather than including random pictures that will distract the reader from your message. If you get the balance of images to text right, it’s the one thing that can encourage subscribers to open your emails time and again.

The Link Ratio

Spammers are known for sending a couple of lines of text that include many links. Avoid spam filters by balancing a text against link ratio. Your goal must be to provide valuable content that aids a subscriber’s shopping experience. It’s not to encourage as many people as possible to visit every page on your e-commerce site.

If there is next to no relevant content, a recipient may view the email as low value, which will cause them to unsubscribe or to never click on a campaign again. Don’t forget to check every link in an email campaign, as one malware-infected site could result in your future campaigns heading straight into the spam folder.

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