Email Closing: Do’s and Don’ts

Sometimes figuring out a way to end an email can be challenging. You need to sound neither too pretentious, nor too professional or too casual. Having the right choice of words and the right kind of email signature at the end is the best way to perfect closure.

Additionally, email closing needs to be as perfect as the rest of the email. You need to pay attention to other important parts of email such as:

  • Subject line
  • Header
  • Body
  • Banners
  • Call-to-action

Moreover, you have to keep in mind that your promo message and closing can either get more subscribers or make recipients unsubscribe from your emails. So, if you want to improve your email closure, we have got for you the best tips along with the worst things that mustn’t be done in an email closure.

Do’s of Email Closing

After you’ve done writing the main information in the email, your work isn’t yet complete. Ending it in a professional and friendly way is a difficult task. However, here are some of the tips that should definitely be followed:

1. Show Gratitude to Your Clients

Your target audience is the main reason for your success. So, whether you want to convince the recipients to buy some products or it’s a confirmation email, make sure to thank them at the end of the email. Leave some space after the main body and write “Thank You” at the left corner.

2. Put Email Signature

Do not forget, a business email signatureat the end of your message will make your company look trustworthy. Make sure your email signature stands out and gets checked.

You may try to make your own email signature but it’s always advisable to get a professional block from online signature generator. Also, you will make an email signature by using ready templates and great design.

3. Add Relevant Information in Email Signature

We understand the importance of increasing number of subscribers or potential clients, therefore, just think of adding relevant information that would fit in 3 lines. Include all your relevant contact information to make it easy for people to contact you.

4. Include High-Quality Picture

In the email signature, it is required to include a picture on the left or right side. Make sure to add your headshot or logo of your company but with a high-resolution. This way the picture will look good when opened on any device and will be appealing.

5. Create Attractive CTA

Most call-to-actions (CTAs) are put at the end of the email with brief information on the button or link to make clients press over it. Also, remember to have white space around the CTA button to make it stand out from the rest of the email.

Don’ts In Email Closing

Here in this list you’ll find some don’ts for creating an amazing email closing. Some of the things which are listed below should never be done:

1. More Than One CTA

Never add more than one CTA in one email because it looks like you are trying really hard to convince the client. Your text which talks about the advantages should be enough to make the recipient click on the CTA button or link.

It’s better to not add any CTA in some emails to bring a feeling of excitement or sense of expectation. Also, you may send more emails but with one context or message and different CTAs.

2. Using Acronyms

Avoid using any kind of acronyms in the email because it goes to show that it is too casual and the client might not understand. Especially, when sending a letter thanking your client at the end, avoid acronyms like TTYL (Talk To You Later) or TAFN (That’s All For Now).

3. More Than 4 Lines of Text in Email Signature

As already told before, keep your email signature as short as possible with the most important information. When you’re trying to fit in 6-7 lines of text in that small space, you may confuse your recipients and send unclear message.

4. Irrelevant Pictures in Signature

Just add a photo or logo which is either relevant to your email or your company. Nobody wants to see a picture of a beautiful landscape in an email signature or your photo with favorite pet. If you do not know of a way how to add a logo/photo to your email signature in mail, you can check the NEWOLDSTAMP tool.

5. Giving Contact Information Which Does Not Work

If you don’t want to share your contact information, put some other information instead of giving wrong data. You can set your email signature to go out on all emails with helpful information or ads.

To conclude, we would like to say that email closing plays quite an essential role in the email message, so make sure to have the right one.

Also, try to use the right choice of words to end the email and remain professional but not too serious. These tips according to the internet research are most important to be followed to increase sales and not to lose clients.

If you have any questions, please ask below!