A Guide On How To Start A Blog

trgrtgreThe whole wide web of the world is full of guides on starting the first blog and if you are looking for one such guide, you have come to the right place!

This guide is really simple, easy & comprehending. We will lead you throughout the process of launching a blog & there are no coding skills required. So, let’s get started!

Pick a preferred blogging platform! Picking a blogging platform is essential & is pretty much the primary step towards launching a blog. You will find multiple blogging platforms, i.e., Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, etc.. However, we recommend WordPress. Why you might ask! The reason is pretty simple users vouch for its flexibility & features along with the unlimited features it offers. And if we go by the facts & figures, WordPress has massive 82 million active users, that speaks volume for its popularity.

Further, WordPress offers paid & free version so you can opt for whichever depending on your needs & switch over whenever you feel like! With plenty of theme options, you will never run out of options to give a fresh look to your blog & can extend the functionality of your blog with just installing a suitable plugin.

Get a hosting! Hosting simply means you would want a space for your blog just like you would like an office space or a house, the difference here is the space would be on the web. As per your needs & the intensity of your blog, you can either for a paid or a free hosting. WordPress along with Tumbler & Blogger offers free space, but you would have a predefined blog name, i.e., or & you will have a limited storage which will stop you from uploading heavy media files. So, if you are planning a bigger picture with your blog, paid hosting is recommended & it is not costly if you are concerned about that; $5-$10/month depending on your hosting provider.

Choose a niche & name for your blog! Although it should have been number 1 on the list as this is the very reason you are planning a blog, but here you would need to register the name of your blog. So, a quick practice, narrow down all those topics you are interested in & do a market research on the web using Google search results. The maximum results, the more the success rate! Pick one topic then; it could be anything, i.e., your life experiences, your recipes or a personal blog wherein you can share anything that has happened or happening to you under the sun. Name it; a good name should be descriptive & exciting to catch the attention of the readers. It should not be long, & neither be too short nor be extra funky, so your readers do not take you seriously.

Create your blog! Now, once you have the platform, a hosting to host a blog & a name to get going, design your blog the way you want. Provides bits & pieces of your personality & add them to the design of your blog. If you are using WordPress blog themes, you will find a plethora of options to play around without any technical knowledge. Make sure that you match the niche of your blog with the design since it’s not necessary to include sports into a recipe sharing blog.

The fun part! Creating a blog does not stop here, you would need great content to attract the readers. But not to worry you are the creator, publish as many posts you want & vent out your inner creativity. So, don’t wait, publish your first post now that you have the perfect medium to share your artistic side.

So, now that your blog is ready to be live, you must also focus on some aftermath of it! Publishing posts only will not help you get out there & make your blog popular. As much as crucial great quality content is, promoting your blog is equally critical, thus learning few SEO tricks & social marketing will come handy; they seem technical, but they are not! Rest of the successful formulas you will learn by the time & will make few of your own. Do share your views! Good luck!



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