7 Best Ways to find the Topics for WordPress Blog

Are you thinking of starting your blog with WordPress?Go ahead and start your blog. But the question arises on what topic should one start writing for the blog. It seems easy but coming up with the idea of the topic for a blog is not easy. Ideas do not come in the mind by simply sitting and waiting for them. It’s the time for action, so start creating topics for blogs. Keep up to date yourself. It will give you the idea of what is happening in the world and you can choose the niche of your topic.

You will find it beneficial to select the trending topic. It is already popular and fresh in the mind of people so they will search more and more for it. You can have a good number of search for the selected topic. The target audience will search for the topic as it is going to their surroundings. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose the topic which is latest as well as trending.

Again, we are at starting point only, how to decide about the trending topics? Here, we present some of the techniques. These techniques will help anyone in searching for topics:


Google Trends

It is one of the great tools which is very popular among bloggers. Google Trends is used for searching the keywords as well as topics in which you are interested. It offers search directly from the demand data from Google. The data can be viewed via country, topic, location, and keyword. If any topic creates interest in you and motivated you for writing, choose it. Trend doe not only provides the trends of keywords which you searching but also offer top rising topics too. Therefore, these topics can be the inspiration for you for your blog idea.

Checking the competitor’s archives

If you wish to stay forehead from your competitor, stay updated. With the aim of offering better content than the competitors, one should check their archives. You can check out in their archives about what they have written in past and what topics they are currently focussing on. Taking inspiration from the competitor’s archives will get you better ideas for blogs.

Google Alert

It is an impossible task to stay updated all the time. It is not possible to sit in front of the laptop for the current updates and searching for a blog topic. Thus, it is difficult to keep all the updates for topics you are imagining about your blog. There are many new articles on the particular topic and you cannot keep an eye on them for the whole day. Here, Google Alert plays an important role.

Using Google Alert and setting up an alert for the article containing specific keyword is beneficial. You will get the email on your mail ID about the article containing your specific keyword. It is a great tool for monitoring the keywords which are relevant to your writing the content. There is a facility for setting up of alerts for several options. If you are choosing a topic which is very popular then you will get alerts everything.


For the ideas of blogs, sites of questions and answers can be a great source for brainstorming. By signing on websites like Quora, you can follow particular topics. Setting up email updates for the interest of questions and answers will be a great choice for the blog idea.


Reddit is the best resource for searching of topics for blogs as it contains the most popular topics in news. Everything in this is shared by members only and is voted by them as per their popularity. It is great to filter the popular and latest news from the less popular news. The discussion on comments will give you insights into the writing for your blog. It will help you in finding the interest of potential readers and finding the most interesting news. Some of the people also use these as posting questions and answers. These questions and answers are the great sources of ideas for writing the blog. It is an easy way to learn the interest of target audience.


People search for forums for better ideas as there will be many questions and these create interest among bloggers. It is quite an engaging process for finding the topic. You will find many threads about the single topic. This searching will help you in knowing the hot topic and will motivate in writing about it.

Blog Comments

The comment section of every blog is the great pool of ideas. Therefore, never ignore comment section of the blog post. You will have an idea of latest trend and what is going in their mind. It will help you in monitoring the latest topic.

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