6 Ways How Cloud Computing Helps Boost Your Online Marketing

Cloud computing is one of the most significant digital marketing strategies that can boost your online marketing in numerous ways. It might have been around for some time, but businesses, especially small-sized ones, continue to underestimate it.

Cloud computing can make processes more efficient, boost collaboration, and productivity while saving money for your business.

Here, we present to you six reasons why you should switch to cloud-based technologies for boosting your online marketing:

1.Supply Chain Process

As far as digital marketing strategies go, cloud-based technology is one of the best. It can help improve the supply chain process and thus the pipeline CRM. For retailers, who are focused on the supply chain, it could be a good idea to spring for a retail-specific cloud collaboration platform.

Such a platform would provide them with marketing data, real-time status information, keep track of deliverables, and streamline the inventory. You will know which of your online stores has an item immediately. It was never so easy to track your deliveries and inventories with cloud computing now in the game!


Cloud-based programs are ideal for your pipeline CRM because they make the teamwork between staff smoother. Since the data is on a cloud, your employees can access it any time they want. In fact, all they’d need to do their job is a device that has an internet connection. If you have been considering taking your business global, then cloud computing is the easiest way to make that happen.

No more issues with remote employees or decreased remote productivity. With most businesses having teams working from multiple locations, cloud-based software can provide an ideal solution. The necessary documents will be on the cloud, which frees employees from e-mailing back and forth.

Impromptu meetings won’t be a problem regardless of where the employees are located. Communication lines will be open and clear through features like instant messaging, web, audio, and video conferencing. In fact, they can even get in touch with customers and vendors, if you have signed up for a cloud-based service that allows it.

Therefore, designing new marketing campaigns or running customer-loyalty programs in different locations won’t be any trouble.


With your company’s data in the cloud, individual departments will no longer be dependent on each other. Controlling content and deploying strategies independently will help make processes faster and thus, support your business to achieve its goals much quicker.

Implementation of new plans will also speed up. Lastly, since cloud-based technology is easy to master, less time will be spent in training new staff.


Businesses don’t just have to worry about a smoothly running pipeline CRM. The Goliaths of the industry, such as Sony and Target, have all experienced cybersecurity breach.

Even the federal government hasn’t been safe from hacking attempts. In the previous two years, the US government spent $28 million on cybersecurity and the numbers are expected to increase in 2018.

On the flip side, you might erroneously think your business is too small to interest intruders. The truth is that the size of a company wouldn’t be much protection against a cyber attack. More than 40% of such attacks are aimed at small-sized companies. An attack like a data breach could result in costing you about $3.8 million.

However, that isn’t the only way your business suffers. After it goes offline due to a hacking attempt, you also lose the revenue flowing in. In fact, according to Gartner, you could stand to lose as much as $5,600 per minute. Staying down for an hour would mean a loss of $336,000!

Storing your data on the cloud means that it will be protected by experts who are always looking out for you. They are well aware of the latest threats to the security of businesses like yours. Thus, cloud computing could help lower the risk of online attack – yet another boost to your pipeline CRM.


Excellent and effective digital marketing strategies usually result in saving you money. Cloud computing is one such strategy! One of the many reasons why businesses hesitate switching to a cloud-based solution is related to the price tag associated with such a switch.

Of course, you should thoroughly weigh all the pros and cons when changing strategies. However, don’t limit your vision to the initial price when you consider cloud computing. What you need to do is extend your sight to the ROI.

With the company’s data in the cloud, all relevant parties will have easy access to it. That makes it faster to start new projects and saves you money. Pay-as-you-go is a feature offered for cloud computing that helps your business save money. Most cloud computing services are built around it. Therefore, you only pay for the services your company uses, as well as, the storage space you use for your data.


Finally, cloud computing is one of the successful digital marketing strategies due to its scalable nature. Depending on the cloud computing services you sign up for, it should be possible to scale up or down.

Your service provider can guarantee rapid scalability regarding operation and storage needs; thus, leaving you to concentrate on more important aspects of your business. It is especially beneficial for seasonal companies that may not run throughout the year or are popular during certain times of the year.

Bottom line

Besides the boost it provides to your CRM, cloud computing has many other advantages to offer. It is highly economical due to the absence of any upfront costs. You can enjoy maximum scalability in both directions.

Depending on your usage, you can decide between paying a flat per-user rate on a monthly basis or for the amount of bandwidth you use. In short, it can help your business grow and save you money.

Stop adhering to traditional marketing and look towards cloud-based marketing strategies. If you’re still unsure whether cloud computing is a step in the right direction, take this quiz to find out. Or, better yet, talk to a Salesmate representative for what’s best for your business!

If you have any questions, please ask below!