3 Technology Based Strategies for a Digital Marketer to Follow

Digital-Marketing-Three-MotionBrands have been desperately searching for new marketing bandwagons. The majority of promotional techniques, they have been using over the last few years are now antediluvian, and hence, no longer in use.

Some brands are still putting them to use, but as they are doing it, success is becoming a distant dream for them. What those brands fail to comprehend is they are not giving users what they want. Hence, they are ending up on the losing side.

In this article, I'll help brands figure out what they should do to be successful in their marketing endeavor.

Pay heed to technology

Many brands mistakenly assume technology and marketing are separate from one another. Nothing can be further from the truth. What we understand as technology is an extension of marketing. If a brand doesn't make use of it to secure its business interest, he's not utilizing the opportunities, which are in front of him.

Below are some of the examples of technology working as a leverage for branding

Explainer videos

Explainer videos can help a brand go a long way. The best thing about an explainer video is it remarkably blends content with graphics and animation. An explainer video combines entertainment and information. Many call it infotainment, because it entertains as well as delivers new information.

An explainer video qualifies as something that a user wants. He wants to get hold of information, but not in a boring way, rather in an amusing way. That's possible when a brand harnesses the power of explainer videos. An explainer video is a powerful tool for digital as well as offline marketing. Such videos are quite user-friendly as well. For every piece of information, there are sound and visuals.

An explainer video can be of various types. Each type involves some sort of fascinatingly new technology. Let's take kinetic typography videos for example. Such videos present information in a riveting way. We are all familiar with 3D animation videos. The better the quality of the animation, the more we enjoy the video, and of course, get new information from it.

Augmented reality

Real estate companies and online retailers are strongly recommended to give this a thought. Users detest the talking-and-talking-saying-nothing approach. They want to get down to the business. If your real estate site features plenty of text content, then your chances of impressing users are grim.The same thing holds if you have an online store.

The bottomline is nobody wants to hear, everyone wants to see and feel. Augmented reality puts everything in the perspective. You don't even have to put an FAQ page on your site. All the questions would be answered by a virtual tour, courtesy to the augmented reality. Technologies such as 3D holography are making it more commonplace than ever.

An ecommerce or online retail platform can take a prospective buyer on a 360° tour of its inventory, where all the products are stockpiled. It's better than a boring and outdated product catalog. Similarly, a real estate company can let prospective apartment buyers take part in the apartment building and decoration process through augmented reality.

In short, the technology is a marketing elixir for some industries, and the sooner and online marketer working in those niche areas realizes that, the better.

Free WiFi

Okay, you might have a hard time relating it to the success of a digital campaign. But once I help you figure out the link, you'd thank me for pointing it out.

If you have a physical store or at least place of business, and a stable wireless connection, then it's not difficult for you to offer free WiFi. Create a guest network, insulate it from the main network and keep it a medium bandwidth one.

The returns would be huge. Many users would visit your store to surf internet, and end up becoming a customer. Aside from that, you'd lay hands on user data, which would help you understand what they want, what they prefer, so you could later sell those things to them.

Use them properly

I bet you haven't given thought to the workarounds described above. Perhaps because they appear too offbeat to use in online marketing. But after reading this article, now you can gauge how they can bolster marketing.

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