5 Reasons Why Emojis Can Revitalize Push Notifications and Boost Engagement

u6j7i7When it comes to understanding mobile marketing trends, push notifications play a pivotal role. These intimations are drafted by businesses for increasing outreach and page views. Apart from that, push notifications can also help companies with sales by improving user engagement.

However, more often than not push notifications are ignored courtesy the unavailability of attractive modifications. In the subsequent sections, we would analyze how push notifications can be refurbished with emojis added into the scheme of things.

Be it sending them over along with texts or adding them occasionally to every social post— emoji usage has turned into an obsession and it’s only a matter of time people start incorporating them into every social affair— including leisure and entertainment.

Mobile marketing reports collected by App Annie and Leanplum have already analyzed more than 2.6 push notifications— used throughout 2016 and the results are quite staggering. The analyzed outputs are heartening and reveal the reasons why emojis are the future of better push notification open rates and amplified user engagement.

  1. Increase in Emoji Usage

As a matter of fact, emoji usage has increased by 163 percent in 2016 as compared to 2015. Moreover, marketers have readily tapped into the existing emoji library and even this proliferation has amplified by 10 percent.

While all of this makes complete sense, many new emojis are being added every day— including the likes of special figures, country flags, and everything can be of some use— especially when it comes to boosting push notifications. Needless to say, a push notification comprising of an innovative set of emojis is bound to pique the interest of viewers.

  1. Better Open Rates with Emojis On-board

Finally, we have the tabulated results that reveal the potency of emojis when it comes to reinvigorating push notifications. The analysis reveals that push notifications with emojis in them saw a considerably improved open rate of 4.51 percent as compared to 2.44 percent for notifications without the same.

This entails to an 85 percent increase in open rates for push notifications with emojis added into the mix— clearly vindicating our stand.

  • Android Triumphs iOS

Now when we have established that push notifications with emojis have better open rates, it is heartening to learn that Android pips iOS to the post— even in that aspect. For iOS, the percentage of the open rate with emojis is 50 percent more than the ones without special characters. However, this relative figure goes up to 135 percent for an Android device.

Although emojis are benefiting both the platforms, its Android that gets the cake here. Moreover, this operating platform is globally predominant and the increase in the percentage of open rates is a great indication for the marketers.

  • Popularity Among Millennials

When it comes to emoji engagement, millennials are impacted the most. Reports reveal that the age group of 13-24 uses applications at least 20 percent more than the age group of 25-44 and almost 70 percent more than users who are above 45 years. This gives a clue that targeting millennials with emoji-loaded push notifications can readily increase the open rates.

Lately, we did see an increase in the sale figures of emoji keyboard and almost 90 percent of the buyers belonged to the 13-24 age group. This shows how popular emojis are becoming with millennials and to what extent this craze is driving open the push notifications.

  • Inclination towards App Store Engagement

In the recent past, revenues generated by app stores have increased— forcing businesses to send messages based on user preferences. 2015-2016 saw an 80 percent rise in the app store revenue and the time spent on each application also amplified by almost 95 percent. The idea here is to go for creative and personalized content for improving engagement.


Emoji-centric push notifications are slowly rising up the charts and the situation is only going to improve for the better part of 2017. These notifications are mostly created by the mobile marketers and are instrumental towards the overall revenue generation of businesses. Adding emojis to the same have been beneficial to the cause and will continue bearing fruits for the concerned firms.


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