How Do AdSense Link Units Help in Boosting AdSense Revenues?

High Paying Keywords 2011Almost all the bloggers and webmasters generate income from their respective domains through Google's AdSense, but very few of them actually make use of what is called as link units in their strategies of contextual monetization.These webmasters and blog owners should make note of this point that AdSense link units can certainly help them increase AdSense income from their websites and blogs. That being said, it is important to integrate these link units in the right way within the layout and design of the website.

You Can Now Place Up to 3 Link Units

The good news is as per new policies of Google AdSense program, publishers are now allowed to put as many as three link units per page instead of one link unit that was allowed earlier. These units are indeed a great way of providing relevant ads in places where normal ads are usually hard to fit. Now, with the option to place three link units and a wide range of link unit formats to choose from, even a beginner can easily incorporate these units in their websites efficiently.

More Ad Placement Choices

This may not dramatically improve the monetization potential of your website, but it certainly offers more choices to the publishers in terms of ad placement. If you are one of those who have never either heard of or used link units anytime before, this is probably the best time to get started and experiment.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a very good way to increase your Adsense earnings. Some of the websites report 50-200% increase in monthly revenues, just by using A/B testing. Check our this tool Adpushup which does A/B testing on Adsense ads and read about split testing/AB Testing on their blog post.

How to Use the Link Units?

Before, we take a look at how else you can profit from link units, let us define the term for you. These are nothing but a collection of around 4 to 5 links that are placed either in vertical or horizontal format. When you click on one of these links they take you to a page, which is filled with Google ads.

They Are Not Too Obtrusive

The good part is that these units are unobtrusive in nature and can be easily incorporated in any kind of web page without dedicating much space to them. The small design and size of these units almost never interfere with viewer's experience of the content on a particular website. A little smartness on your part can make these link units appear like nothing but navigational units; this way they don't even look like the usual contextual ads. This, in turn, helps in increasing click-through possibilities.

Many of the Folks Don't Use Link Units Due to Sheer Ignorance

You must be already familiar with different ad formats of Google and if you know all of them, then you probably also know about link units, but this is certainly not a universal truth. Other formats like images, animation, text etc are commonly known but link units are still new to many webmasters and bloggers.

In a Nutshell

Of course, all other formats are great way of making money and must be used on your website, but it will only be more fruitful to integrate link units in your online marketing strategies. Proper usage of link units backed by proper analysis can result in substantial improvement in your online revenue generation. There have been many cases off late where these link units have even surpassed the text links in terms of generating online ad revenues on the websites.

So, go ahead and give them a try, and share your experiences by dropping your comments here.

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