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Best Alternatives To WebStarts Website Builder

build-websiteWebsite builder is web-based application software that allows you to create a website. These are extremely beneficial to beginners and people who are not trained in web based code programming. They offer design templates, editing software, widgets and applications to customize the page. With these, you can build your website in no time and make your presence online. Some are provided as free services while others charge based on premium rates and plans. Most of them provide their own hosting options also.

WebStarts Website Builder

The WebStarts website builder provides free and premium website building services. It's most prominent feature is that it allows editing of every part of the website which allows for the creation of truly unique site. It uses drag and drop content onto the pages at the exact spot you want it to appear. This editor is easy and intuitive and provides access to lots of widgets and quick social media integration. The biggest weakness of Webstarts is limited storage size for a free package. Everyone wants an interactive website which necessitates the need for unlimited storage to upload video, images, audio etc to engage the audience. There is a collection of good alternatives to the webstarts website builder that you can work with to achieve your goal.

Web Start Today

Why WST?

  • Excellent, easy, user-friendly interface, which facilitates the use for straightforward applications, being of immense support for users with non-technical background.
  • Offers various advanced features for use by a professional.
  • Provides quick, easy and convenient customization for attractive websites.
  • Unlimited free access to websites published on sub-domain.
  • Offers seamless integration for access using various applications through mobile phones.
  • Facilitates easy web-building. Go-live the same day feature eliminates delay.
  • Wide range of templates to choose from.

Why not WST?

  • Publishing a website with your own domain name will carry a nominal cost.

2. IMCreator

Why IMCreator?

  • Drag and drop feature enabled.
  • Free unlimited web hosting.
  • User friendly interface includes easy resizing of images.
  • Good compatibility with search engines.

Why not IMCreator?

  • Limit of 10 numbers on e-mails that can be included in the web.
  • To offer compatibility of the website in mobile, a different theme has to be chosen.
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth is not offered in Premium plans.

3. Angelfire

Why Angelfire?

  • Both free and paid web hosting packages.
  • Drag and Drop editing.
  • Large pool of templates to choose from.
  • Free specific domain name with selective plans.

Why not Angelfire?

  • Use of frames in Anglefire is not supported by many browsers and search engines.
  • Limited number of optimization tools.


Why Godaddy?

  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage space.
  • Efficient 24/7 contact support on the phone.
  • One of the largest domain registrars

Why not Godaddy?

  • Very long page loading time.
  • Inept user interface
  • Unnecessary animation and aggressive advertisements

5. Bonline

Why Bonline?

  • Quick and easy
  • Unlimited band width and storage space
  • User friendly interface
  • Free domain
  • Built in SEO features

Why not Bonline?

  • Free consultation for 30 minutes, chargeable after that
  • Tools like E-commerce and Online booking system not available with the free package

6. uCoz

Why uCoz?

  • 16 language localizations
  • Data backup facility
  • Unlimited disk space
  • 99% uptime

Why not uCoz?

  • Template gallery not extensive
  • Free plan has adverts placed on your website
  • E-shop not available with free plan

7. Moonfruit

Why Moonfruit?

  • Outstanding customization tools.
  • Offers 100% design control.
  • Based on flash usage.
  • One of the oldest website building sites and therefore the interface seems well known to early users.
  • Affordable website hosting.

Why not Moonfruit?

  • Similar to Wix, It is built on flash which does not perform well on mobile phones.
  • Contemporary users may find the user interface obsolete.

8. Webs

Why Webs?

  • Excellent customer support.
  • Very flexible with versatile options for website building.
  • Security and spamming are taken up seriously.
  • Good user-interface for professional designers.
  • Add-ons available in the free version are significantly good.

Why not webs?

  • Limitations on configuration and hosting make customizing the content difficult for new users.
  • Dishonest service lacking professionalism.
  • Security issues deny permission to you also in the beginning.

9. Squarespace

Why Squarespace?

  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Sub-domain name is same as the username acquired through a simple signing up process.
  • Good dashboard offering ease of use to people without a technical background.
  • Modular and customizable.

Why not Squarespace?

  • It offers no free trial before buying the service (Trial costs a minimum of $8).
  • Relatively expensive in comparison with other service providers.
  • Inadequate layout and template selection.

10. Devhub

Why DevHub?

  • Provides integrated cloud hosting.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Unlimited pages
  • Drag and drop editing
  • Fully private labeled website builder
  • Sync with social media
  • Affordable, flexible pricing models

Why not DevHub?

  • Limited collection of themes
  • Does not support video uploads
  • It offers custom domain at very high prices.

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  1. I just found a new website builder: Rushmore WEB. Great for the non-technical person to create a business website.

  2. My favourite free builder is IMcreator. i already built a couple of websites with imcreator and it was a great experience. very easy to use, nice looking templates and free unlimited web hosting makes it to an excellent alternative.

  3. I would also include in here. I created a website with Puzl and what I can say is- ease of building process, good for the SEO and a great chance of boosting online presence with the help of social media updates avaiable within the editor.

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