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Google Reader Alternatives

google-readerThe internet has a nearly unlimited of webpages and information and it is a difficult task to browse through all of the content to find relevant stories and news updates. Searching website after website takes a lot of time which many people simply do not have no matter if you are a laborer, business person or soccer mom. Luckily, there are programs that are able to filter information and bring you stories that are meaningful for you. RSS feeds were first created to carry out this duty but now they have become superfluous and less than user-friendly.

The Difficulty of Information Sourcing

In most cases, people who browse the web know what they are searching for and they know where to find the information that matters to them. On the other hand, there is only so much time in the day so you will probably want to simplify your web searches so you can spend less time browsing and more time looking at the information that is relevant. There is a program that can do just this - Genieo. This program substitutes the traditional RSS feeds because it manages the information automatically based on your browsing history and preferences. This software automatically updates your preferred social media, financial and news sites so you no longer need to manually change your RSS feed preferences.

Genieo filters out the unwanted feeds and only shows you the information that you want - from entertainment, news, sports, social media, financial news or reviews. This software has reorganized the conventional structure of RSS feeds and it replaces with an intelligent software program that predicts your future browsing preferences without compromising your privacy and security. The startpage is your control center to the Internet and it contains only information that is important to you.

The Termination of Google Reader

On July 1st, 2013, the Google Reader will be discontinued due to the issues that have been previously mentioned. Some users have argued that this will influence the decline of RSS feeds but it is doubtful that RSS feeds will be taken out of the picture completely. One of the substitutes for Google Reader is Genieo. This program automatically monitors your browsing behavior and gives you content that you care about. There is no need to manage any of the content because it automatically updates and finds new feeds based on your browsing preferences. The feeds are posted to the startpage without any intervention so you no longer need to manually change your feeds.

This program is the first that actually automatically defines and manages your preferences. Additionally, this software is used to replace your current homepage. The homepage is the page that appears when you first open your browser. The Genieo startpage is personalized based on your preferences and is a collection of various topics based on your web browsing activity. You can use this software by first downloading the program. Then all you need to do is start searching. This software will remember your searches and provide you with stories and information from your preferred sites. Your personal and private information is never shared with any other entity or software program.

Other Intelligent Web Browsing Programs

The U browser is another new software program that enables you to get more out of browsing the web. This product was created by the Chromium open-source project in order to optimize your web browsing and Internet searches. The U browser does not require you to leave a site in order to chat online with friends, update Facebook, read tweets or watch your favorite videos. The U browser side bar and chat windows allows you to accomplish different functions on one page.

Lumi is another information-collecting program that gives you a list of recommended websites based on your web browsing preferences. Lumi shares many similarities with Genieo because new recommendations are given in real time and your preferences are updated based on your browsing history. In order to use this program properly, you will be required to install an extension that enables the collection of browsing information. These types of programs streamline your homepage or startpage and fill them with information from RSS feeds that interests you. In a fast-paced world, time is of the essence and your web browsing no longer has to be difficult or inefficient.

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