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How to Choose a Company for Outsourcing PHP Development?

php development processPHP is an Open Source scripting programming language. In the last few years, PHP has been quite popular and achieved tremendous success. This has been possible because of its flexible and easy to use features. Currently, PHP is used worldwide to develop robust, impulsive and scalable web portals and applications.

PHP development is a booming industry. In fact, it has been the foundation for numerous business and ecommerce applications. Since most syntax of PHP has been acquired from C/C++, it becomes easier for new PHP programmers to learn quickly. Due to numerous benefits, PHP based web applications have been preferred by most business organizations.

Hence, there has been a huge demand of PHP development companies and programmers all across the globe. PHP programmers are skilled and aware about every aspect of PHP web development.

Therefore, they are able to easily create profitable and attractive websites for business organizations. In order to reduce cost, many companies outsource PHP development. Here are some key considerations while hiring outsourcing your PHP development.

Professional Experience

It's extremely important to hire a PHP developer who has some good professional experience. There is no doubt that careless code can lead to unnecessary security breaches. Thus, it's very important to hire PHP developers and services (such as Asapy) who understand all the risks. They should be able to check for any errors in their code.

PHP also allows you to have a dynamic relay chat, through which your customers can easily talk to technical support or other users. PHP is also very useful for running Flash on websites. Hence, if you want your website to open with a Flash movie, you will need to hire an experienced PHP developer to make that happen.

Coding Experience in C/C++

An experienced PHP developer or programmer also needs to have some qualifications in C/C++ programming. Usually, you will find PHP programmers advertising many additional skills. However, one eye-catchy skill is Flash. This skill allows a programmer to not only write code, embed files and run them, but also design Flash buttons, web pages or movies.

May programmers are also skilled with some common languages like JAVA, HTML and CSS. In addition to this, many PHP developers and programmers are able to use programs like ASP. Thus, if you're looking for a completely interactive format for your business website, a PHP developer would be able to design a forum that can be utilized by your visitors.


Before you outsource PHP development, it will be important to consider your budget. Most freelance PHP programmers will cost you around atleast $15/hr. Needless to say, a programmer with a higher skill set will need to be paid more than a programmer with a lower skill set. However, this is the part where your judgment comes into play.

If you want a programmer with different skill sets to design an interactive website with Flash movies or web pages, it will be worth spending more. On the other hand, if you need a basic website, there is no need to hire a programmer with a higher skill set.

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