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Windsor Castle and the Changing of the Guards with Kids in London

Windsor CastleLocation outside of London the England's Windsor Castle was once the official residence of the Queen of England. It's the world's largest castle. We will give you more details about this place to make your London trip more easy and memorable.

You will get a chance to see The Queen. It's the replica of the engine of a Train. This engine was used to pull the Train of the Queen of England. Once you see this replica, you will get a feel that it signifies the Royal Culture.

Before the gate of Windsor Castle, you will find the Windsor Royal Shopping Arcade. You will find some most adorable shops here. You will be also surprised to see England's most iconic telephone booths which are colourful and now painted showing the picture of Queen Elizabeth, Kate and Prince Harry.

The Saint George Gate which was named after England's Patron Saint will welcome you with a familiar carving of Saint George slaying down a dragon. If you walk through the castle, you will see the gardens which are actually so big. However, it doesn't look so big from outside. You will see a complex of buildings for which there are separate entrance gates.

There is also State Apartments that were opened for the public view in the year 1845. It's a very surprising fact that for about 1000 years Windsor castle was occupied by Monarchs. This location was basically meant a location to safe guard the western part of London. It was however rebuilt in 1170 and many times it was restructured by monarchs to meet their need and likes.

There was a time when Windsor Castle was used as a Prison and the Headquarter of parliamentary forces. You will find so many objects which will give you a glimpse of that time. The Round Tower Looms is also a great attraction over the complex and if you see a Union Jack Flag flying above the Round Tower Looms then it means Queen is not there. However if Queen is home, then you will see a Royal Standard Flag flying above it. This tower is opened for public in the month of August and September, and you can climb up to 200 steps to see the panoramic view of the castle.

You must know that Windsor Castle has always been a special place for Queen Elizabeth II. She spent her childhood at this place and still this is a private home for her where she spends most of her weekends. She also uses this place to host foreign delegates, president and monarchs. During the late 20th century in 1992, the one-fifth area of castle consisting of almost 100 rooms was destroyed by fire. It took around 15 hours and 1.5 million gallons of water to control the fire.

The total time is taken to repair the castle was almost five years and total coast approximately USD 59.2 million. You will be surprised to know that it was repaired before five months than its expected schedule and also below the estimated budget. The money was not the Tax payer's money however it was arranged from the admission fee to Buckingham Palace's rooms booking during the summer time. We wish that this kind of arrangement should be adopted by the government of every country. You will not be able to distinguish the repaired rooms from the original one. They were repaired with utmost efficiency to bring its original look and feel as much as possible.

You will also love Queen Mary's Dolls' House which you can see in its own room on a square table of approx 6 feet. You will not believe easily on the art and skills used to develop all these objects. The objects were painted by many popular artists and there are lots of books which were written by many world famous writers.

While walking through various areas of the Castle you will feel like it's a museum and there are so many paintings prepared by the masters of paintings of their time. You would definitely want to spend more and more time here to see and to explore these things more closely and take some nice memories with you. You will be lucky if you get a chance to see the St. George's Hall which is well decorated and this hall is also used to organise parties as state banquets.

You will also get a chance to see the building where almost 10 British Kings were buried. This building looks stunning from outside and inside as well. Lots of guard can also been seen here who are well dressed and you will see E R at so many places where it means Elizabeth Regina(Queen). The changing of guard activity takes place at 11 AM which is also an attraction to most of the lucky visitors. This ceremony takes place at Buckingham Palace. Witnessing this ceremony is itself not less than an achievement. This is really a traditional ceremony which is being held since many centuries. This ceremony lasts for approx 30 mints.

You will never regret visiting this place which is The Queen's Residence and will really an awesome lifetime experience to see the Royal residence from so close. The Windsor Castle is really very beautiful with lots of historical stories with it and a great place to make your London's trip more memorable and enjoyable. The London Pass will get you access to the Castle free of Cost and you don't need to stand in a queue to enter the castle if you have this pass with you. Please remember that St. George's Chapel remain closed on Sundays for its services. Also, please don't forget to bring some snacks and refreshment as there is not any arrangement of foods or any kind of refreshments inside the Castle however you and find many restaurants and general stores outside the Gate. You will get an audio tour which will be free of cost for you if you are visiting with your kids.

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