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Why You Should Buy Clothes for Your Dog

Dogs wearing clothes was not something common that we saw in the past. However, more and more dog owners are starting to dress up their dogs for different reasons. Some want to dress their dogs so they will look nice when taking them for a walk, while others dress their dogs to protect them from different outside influences. No matter the reasons, you should also know that dogs enjoy wearing different clothes. They cannot tell you this, but you can easily notice that they are enjoying wearing clothes every time you see them jump around happy when all eyes are on them. If you want to be up to date with the latest trends then you should consider getting a nice shirt for your dog.

Reasons for Dressing up Your Dog

There are many reasons why you should get your dog a shirt or other clothing. The following are some of the most common ones.

  • By wearing dog clothes your dog attracts more attention. We all know that dogs love to be in the center of attention. They enjoy being patted, cuddled and hugged. If your dog wears some nice outfit it will definitely get bigger attention from people on the street. Attractive dog shirts and other clothing will make them stand out from the other dogs in the park or in the streets.
  • Dog clothes keep your dog stylish and fashionable. Fashion is not just for humans, but for pets too. By dressing up your dog in pug t-shirt you are showing the world that you care and love your dog very much and that you follow the latest trends in the world of fashion.
  • Dog clothes also make your dog look friendlier and gentler. There are some breeds that do not look particularly friendly, but if they are dressed up in right clothes then they look gentle and soft. That will make people come towards them to pet them and they will become friendlier dogs.
  • Clothes designed for dogs also allow them to stay in good shape. Dog clothes are practical and protect dogs from harsh weather conditions, as well as from scratches and other possible injuries.
  • Ill, tiny, thin, bald, as well as old dogs, can immensely benefit from clothing according to the UK’s animal rights organization RSPCA.
  • Several veterinary experts suggest there is a correlation between dog’s dressing and his behavior. Clothing can help the pet in negating anxiety and keep it calm while facing stress, especially during a thunderstorm.
  • Specially designed products can help the pets with special needs by keeping them warm, reveling joint pains, and offering comfort to those who have canine arthritis.

Clothing for animals is not something that has emerged in this decade. Evidence indicates that even the ancient Greek armies used leather boots and other clothing to protect their horses as well as other animals during snowfall.

American Kennel Club recommends pet lovers to buy raincoats, jackets, dog sweaters, and other clothes for the four-legged friend. However, the selected items must fit the canine properly so that it would feel comfortable while walking. The garments should neither be too loose or too tight. To be precise, take measurements of your dog so that the clothing that you buy would be a perfect fit. Your pet would feel relieved and happy. Cotton clothing can prove to be breathable and most suitable. Read reviews to understand what other pet parents recommend for a similar canine companion.

If you own a small pug then you should consider buying warmer clothes for the winter months to protect it from the cold weather. This is because smaller pooches and pugs do not have a thick fur and can easily catch cold. For the summer months, dog hoods and t-shirts are ideal for protection from the dangerous sun rays. That way you protect your dog from suffering sunburns or developing skin cancer.

Today you can find many different types of dog clothes. Consider the dog`s needs first and then go for the best option. No matter whether you are choosing dog clothes for comfort or fashion, always have your dog`s needs in mind. At the end, your dog will definitely enjoy any kind of clothes you buy for him as long as he is close to you.

Try to read your pet’s body language. If the four-legged friend starts showing signs indicating it does not feel comfortable, it is advisable not to force it to wear the same. There are multiple alternatives available when it comes to buying clothing for the canine.

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