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What to do in a case of house lockout?

Getting locked out of your house is quite frustrating, as sometimes you just come back home after a long day and you can’t go inside your house because you have lost your keys. You try other doors or even windows too, but you are not able to go inside. Everything is locked, and this is where you need to be calm and face the reality that you’re locked out of your own house.

This happens a lot of times; at some point, everyone has faced this situation. This type of situation also happens at the most inconvenient time, as it feels frustrating. Instead of doing nothing, you can try some things that can help you get inside your house.

Methods to try

Spare key

You have to think that if anyone has a spare key to your house. It can be your wife or roommate or anyone who’s closer to you. Call anyone who you think might have the spare key.

Check doors and windows.

Check all the doors and windows which are reachable. One of them might be open, and you get lucky. You can easily get inside your house. Otherwise, you will have to call a locksmith, which will cost you money.

Popping up the lock

This is a trick that sometimes works, if it worked, you would feel insecure about your house, but right now, you just want to go inside. You can either use your credit card or any similar plastic card which can pop the lock.

Try to remove the doorknob

If you can gather some tools either from your car or you can ask your neighbor, then you can remove the doorknob of your main door and get inside your house. But this is a risky method as you might break the lock or damage the door while removing the doorknob. This may end up costing you more money than just calling a locksmith.


After you have tried every method on your own, the last option is to call a locksmith. They are not cheap, but there will be a guarantee that you will get inside your house. These lockout services can cost you money, depending on the type of lock. There is an extra fee for an emergency call, and the locksmith will come soon as possible. This is the best option as emergency locksmiths are available 24/7 to help.

What not to do!

When you are stuck outside your house, the only thing you will want is to go inside; you will be frustrated but remember not to do anything stupid, which will cost you money or damage yourself. You can wait for the locksmith, don’t try to go through ways that will get u stuck, and you might hurt yourself.


No one wants to get locked out of their own houses. It’s frustrating. Don’t worry; there is always a way to get back into your house. The question is that how quickly you want to go inside and how much will it cost you. If you want to save money and time, start taking important precautions to save yourself from this unwanted frustration.

You can keep a spare key in your wallet or your vehicle; you can also give it to your close friend or any relative who lives near your house. Another way to save yourself is going keyless, this will make your house locked with an entry pad, and you will just have a passcode to enter your house.

Always be prepared for this type of situation because it can happen anytime.

If you have any questions, please ask below!