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Top 5 Things You Should Do in Amsterdam

If you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time, you might be wondering about all of the things you should do there. Sure, it is a town with a lot to offer, but that doesn’t mean you will make the best out of your trip if you simply go and visit every monument. Amsterdam is truly a lovely place and it because of its appearance, people, and because you can go there to unwind and enjoy, not exhaust yourself by walking from one important place to another.

Here, we will go over some things you should definitely do in order to truly enjoy your stay in Amsterdam and make the best out of your visit. Of course, you should visit some Netherland’s national treasures in Amsterdam, but remember to make some time and soak in the real spirit of this city.

Rent a bike


Amsterdam is great because it will reignite your desire for fitness and working out, and if you are already exercising, then this is what you have been preparing for. People here commute mostly using a bicycle and thus there are a lot of places that allow you to rent a bike and move around. There are thousands of cyclists on the roads, and the rails along the canals are simply teeming with them.

Finding a bike is really easy here and, regardless of the location you choose, there are bound to be two or three rent a bike services nearby. So, get on your bike and start riding, there is a lot of ground you can cover, and if you are visiting during spring break, the weather will be perfect.

Go for waffles

I am sure you have heard how Amsterdam is famous for its top quality cheese, or for some of the best gardens filled with majestic tulips. However the delicious scent that spreads down the streets is not cheese or tulips; it is the smell of fresh waffles beckoning you for an enjoyable meal. There are so many types of waffles in Amsterdam and you should try a new one every day; plus, if you go cycling every day, there will be no need to worry about your calorie count.

One of the best waffles you can try is so called stroopwafel, which consists of two thin layers of waffles that were grilled and combined together using something like caramel syrup. One of the best places to get waffles is definitely a restaurant called Delicious Amsterdam, and feel free to go wild on strawberries and nutella.

Have a relaxing day and drink beer


In case you love beer, Amsterdam will be like a version of paradise on earth, because their brew is simply delicious and out of this world. Even if you are not a fan of beer, make sure you give it a try here; you are bound to change your opinion.

Since Heineken is their national treasure in terms of beer, you should pick one bottle and take a stroll through town or simply enjoy sitting in the outside part of a café. If you want to have a relaxing day, where you do nothing and simply enjoy Amsterdam, then this is the way to go.

Visit Museums

Another obligatory thing for you to do is visit a museum district where you can enter and explore some of the most notable museums. If you do not want to spend too much time here, make sure that you at least visit these three: the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Stedelijk. In addition to museums, this is also a great shopping area, so if you are a shopaholic, you’d still want to pay this quarter a visit.

You also have an opportunity to visit the home of the world’s most famous diarist Anne Frank, who hid from the Nazis for two years. After fleeing persecution in Germany, she and her family hid in a Prinsengracht house which is now a museum as well.

Take a canal cruise


Up until know, you have only seen the amazing Amsterdam’s UNESCO protected canal belt in postcards, but now that you are here, you can get on board a boat tour and truly experience it. The canal looks amazing both during the day and night, and a boat tour is really educational, so you will be filled with brand new information. It is truly a magical ride, and you can also pick a tour that includes food and wine; and you can also get free rides if you have an “I amsterdam City Card” (otherwise you can book a ticket for the canal cruise online).As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do in Amsterdam; there are great restaurants, and awesome shopping

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do in Amsterdam; there are great restaurants, and awesome shopping centres, and a lot sights for those who are interested in finding out about European culture. Before you go though, it would be a good idea to find quality accommodation. Seek for rentals and find a nice place to stay, something that makes commuting very convenient. Amsterdam has a great nightlife, and it is also famous for its coffee shops, so do not shy away from going there and trying new things. As long as you follow the suggestions provided above, it is certain that you are going to have a wonderful time in Amsterdam and that it will be a trip to remember.


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