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Unusual Things You Should Try Out While In Dubai

If you have planned a trip to Dubai for your next vacation, surely you are about to have a lot of money. But the fun and the enjoyment can get hiked up to even more if you are adding up some unusual things in your trip rather some common things that people do out there.

Apart from witnessing different skyscrapers and visiting different places such as museums and conservation parks, there are so many other things that you can do here at Dubai in order to make your trip an interesting one.

One of the most common options is of the spice and gold stock. Dubai is known for its gold collection. You can come across some of the best creations of gold jewelry out here. Not only you can have a look at the vast collection of gold options here but also you can experience the traditional trade that the Gulf was involved in. Apart from gold, the trade also used to take place in spice. Dubai is also one of the most known places for its spices. You can have a look through its flavorful spice markets to understand the richness of the place.

Something That You Have Not Thought Of

When you are thinking about something unusual, you will wish to listen to something that you have not even imagined of in connection to the particular place. One such thing that you will love to experience is the dinner cruise in Dubai Marina.

Are you just thinking what is so special about a cruise? Well, this is not that simple cruise that you make use of to get transported from one destination to another. The dhow cruise or even known as the floating restaurant that is a concept that attracts a good number of people in Dubai who wish to spend some great time. Whether you are someone from Dubai or you are in Dubai to spend your vacations, having an experience of the dinner cruise is something that you will remember for a lifetime.

The residential district of Dubai Marina has been recently developed and is one of the attractions in Dubai. The canal is connected to the sea through the JBL beach. The beauty of the canal is increased by the smart elements that are available at its surroundings such as smart cafes, tall buildings, malls, and many more modern entities. If you really wish to witness the beauty of the surroundings such as amazing city lights and others, you should try taking a ride of the dhow cruises that do float on the canal route.

What Is So Special About The Dhow Cruises?

Cruises are something that you will come across at a number of places. But there are some basic differences in between the cruises of other places and the dhow cruises of Dubai. The dhow cruises are something that has their connections to the traditional times of not only Dubai but also the Gulf.

It is said that the dhows are the traditional huge ships that were used by the people of Gulf for trade purpose. Such dhows or huge ships were made up of timber and coconut wires. Later on, different materials were being used in the manufacturing of these dhows and also these water vessels started coming up in different sizes and shapes too.

Initially, the main purpose of these dhows was only trade but soon, the dhows were being used in the transport of people also. Today, the dhows in the Dubai Marina serve as dinner cruises for the people of Dubai as well as the tourists coming up here.

When you think of impressing someone or wish to spend some good and memorable time with your special one, one of the best ways is to have a romantic set up such as a candlelight dinner. The dinner cruise in Dubai Marina can offer you with such a set up for sure. You can get the bookings done for you and the special one with whom you will be arriving onboard. Enjoy an amazing meal under the sky and having a view of the city lights and the other various elements of the city.

The Experience At The Dhow Cruise

So, is it all about just dinner on the cruise? There is a huge lot unfold while you select to get the bookings confirmed for the dinner cruise. First of all, the concept of having dinner at the floating restaurant is already something exciting. Having a view of the entire area of Dubai Marina with its modern and high-tech features is another great experience that you can get while you are on the dhow cruise.

Have you always wanted to be a part of a dinner where all the international cuisines have come up together? Well, if you wanted to have such an experience and have not got it as of now, you can surely get it with the dhow cruise. The dinner is served through the buffet and you will be amazed to see a wide range of options such as the Persian cuisine, Indian cuisine, French cuisine, and many more. The options of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian has been also segregated carefully so that everyone on the cruise can enjoy their part of an experience in the best way.

When your food is done with the main course, a range of different desserts awaits for you to end up your dinner course. If you really do have a sweet tooth, you can look out for various options such as pastries, English cakes, and brownies. On the other hand, if you are someone towards the healthier side, you can go for other options such as fruit salads of various types.

To hike up your experience to another level, the dinner is well accompanied by live performances of various vocalists and dancers. You can spend the rest of 4 hours on the cruise with not only some great food and drinks but also with an environment that has entertainment and also serenity.

How To Get There?

If you are convinced enough with the concept of such dinner cruises, you must be looking forward to get through it. Getting through the dinner cruise booking is quite convenient where you just need to visit the online site of the best options such as that of the Alexandra Dhow Cruise and fill in the personal details to get the bookings done.

Prior to getting the bookings done, it is important that you go through the details quite carefully such as the timing of the cruise, the charge per person, and so on. When you have a look at the site, you can also come up with other various information such as the food items catered on the menu, the live performances, and many others, based on which you can get the bookings done to enjoy a great evening.

Are you someone who does not wish to mix up with many other people while you are spending your special moment? In such a case, you should hire a private cruise such as a yacht where you will be offered with all the mentioned services but in a private way. The charges for the private cruises differ on a number of factors such as the type of cruise you are selecting, the number of people who will be boarded, and so on.

Dubai has a wide range of options to offer to not only its residents but also its visitors. If you are on a vacation trip to Dubai, you can be sure that you will experience some of the best moments in life. If you really wish to make your moment cherished one, one of the best options that you can try out is that of the dinner cruise. Whether you are along with your special ones or with your group, surely you can have a moment to remember for a lifetime.

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