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Top Exotic Holiday Destinations

An exotic holiday is a must during holidays. Our planet is filled with many gorgeous places that we are not aware of. Stunning landscapes, tropical islands, and fantastic beaches will take your breath away. Pack your bags and off we go to these unbelievable destinations.

The Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

This place is known as Boka and is a major tourist attraction site. The bright green waters and incredible mountains are overwhelming. It is also known for its originality which makes the natural surrounding antique. This place is best if you love mountains and nature. Not to forget the shoreline houses are beautiful. You might just fall in love with this place and move into these cute houses.

Petra with its secrets

Off we go to the middle east side of the world. This natural beauty is found between the Red and the Dead Sea. It is called the lost city of Petra. Antique tombs and engraved structures across the sandy landscape will blow your minds away. Hit movies choose this place to film due to it’s amazing natural exquisiteness. Note this place, this might be your next exotic holiday destination.

Made in China

The long sheng Rice Terrace is based in China. This landscape is so unique as the terraced rice fields resemble a dragon’s scale and the peak of the mountain looks like the backbone of the dragon. How impressive is that! This view gives us a peaceful vibe. There’s no room for regret in visiting such a blissful place.

The Great Blue Hole, Belize

Do you love diving? Then this place should be in your bucket list. This place is a submarine sinkhole. It is found on the coast of Belize. Even if you are not into scuba diving, you can still enjoy the beauty of underwater species. Catching a plane to Belize is totally worth it!

Porto Heli, Greece

Porto Heli is a summer resort. This exotic beach is known for its perfect bays. If you want a relaxing holiday, a calm beach and want well tanned skin, this is the perfect place to be. There are so many things to do in Porto Heli, like a day at the beach, fresh food and more!

Con Dao Island, Vietnam

Are you more into wildlife? How about exploring and hiking in the empty coastal roads and deserted beaches. Plus, you’ll have this amazing opportunity to watch the wildlife on the island of Con Dao. This is so mesmerising as it also guards Vietnam’s sea turtle.


Fiji is a must if you want to have the proper exotic experience. No list of exotic destinations can be complete without mention of Fiji. It has over 300 islands in the south Pacific Ocean. There are not only the exotic beaches but you’ll have the opportunity to fish, hike and explore the beauty of this place. It’s like summer on an island.

Forest of Knives, Madagascar

How can the wildlife live in this mesmerising forest with vertical razor sharp rocks? This can be very intriguing. If you want to discover the weirdest hiking session, the Forest of Knives can be the place you would want to visit. Climb the bizarre pinnacles of limestone and enjoy the view of several birds and lemurs.

Pisco Elqui, Chile

Time to star gaze! Enjoy the clearest sky in Pisco Elqui, where tranquillity might embrace you. The place is surrounded by the beautiful Andean mountains. The perfect weather can be experienced all around the year in this Chilean village.

Cappadocia, Turkey

This beautiful place is known as Turkey’s visually most striking region. It offers clefts, caves, ‘fairy chimneys’ and pinnacles. This surreal moonscape was formed by a volcanic eruption. Hard to believe that a volcanic eruption can result in such a beauty!

The Cook Islands

It is believed by many that in the Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands are the best kept secret. Boasting of idyllic climate and rare beauty, there are 15 islands scattered over a vast expanse of seductive and sensuous ocean.

Enjoy your summer holidays is a way of relaxing and chilling, be it with your friends or family. The beauties of these unique locations might bring happy and positive vibes. And these holiday destinations should be on your bucket list as they are totally worth it! Not able to make it this year? Worry not as Give Back Bingo site is here to bring you some sunshine through its games at the palm of your hands. Say Aloha to the beaches of Hawaii on Aloha! Cluster Pays Slot! The tiki will be your ally during your journey to the beautiful beaches!

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