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Top 5 Attractions in Santa Marta, Colombia

Santa Marta has been garnering a lot of attention from travellers from all over the world. After all, why should it not? Santa Marta is Colombia’s premier beach destination – that is sure to charm you with its beauty. It would make you fall in love with the good old habit of exploring yourself with every new place you visit. Go off the beaten track – and discover the meaning of adventure all over again with Santa Marta that sits regally at the foot of the world’s highest coastal mountain range – the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

When Colombia’s Santa Marta calls, you answer – and that’s why we’ve compiled the top 5 attractions of Santa Marta for the true explorer in you:

1. Travel into the heart of Santa Marta: Tayrona National Park

Santa Marta’s crowning jewel is Tayrona’s lush beaches and beauty – this national park is a protected region, full of nature’s bounty and biodiversity. It covers 12 square miles of the beautiful Caribbean Sea, besides the 45 square miles of accessible beaches and rainforests. A major spot for nature lovers & backpackers in the area, Tayrona National Park lets you hike uphill through lush rainforests that open up to remarkable stretches of sand like La Piscina, La Ardilla and Arrecifes!

Fancy a horse ride? Take one through the jungle – and steep inclines in this beautiful hideout of nature. Mesmerising beaches like Playa Cristal and Concha await you. Take a surfing lesson at Casa Grande Surfing School by the day, and find yourself sipping cocktail under ultra-blue skylines at the best Colombia resorts by the night. What is life, if not the incessant need to experience the finest life both indoors and outdoors?

2. Get lost in the magnificence of the Lost City

This one is not for the faint-hearted. If the inner Indiana Jones in you beckons, heed to this incredible trek which lasts for 6 days. Go to the Lost City, and be one with nature. Discovered initially by robbers, this place used to house more than 3000 inhabits at one time in history. Now the ancient ruins only have occasional visitors who are ardent backpackers out here to explore nature’s thrill and the power to take over life!

The final trek involves a climb up the 1200 stone steps that lead you to the prehistoric city of Colombia that is even older than Machu Pichu by an overwhelming 650 years!

3. Relish the respite from the humdrum of city life at the Mountain Town of Minca

To the south east of Santa Marta, lies another unique paradise in the hills filled with breath-taking waterfalls and exotic bird species. Minca awaits you with the best climate to be found around Colombia and it is located right at the beginning of Colombia’s coffee zone. There are organic coffee farms like the Hacienda La Victoria.

Reach Pozo Azul – by taking a motorbike ride or a hike through the verdant trails and experience the fascinating calmness of the freshwater lake. Fond of waterfalls that are cinematic, and extraordinary? You’re sure to love the Arimaka Waterfall, also known as Las Piedras!

4. Visit the colonial grandeur of Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino

A museum in its own right, Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino is a hacienda that has many monuments – and has been witness to the last days of Simon Bolivar. Now mostly featuring artworks in Museo Bolivariano, there’s a massive central structure called Altar de la Patria. The outstanding grounds of Jadin Botanico warrant you to take a calming stroll.

5. Dive at the tiny fishing village of Taganga

Just 10 mins north from Santa Marta, Taganga is usually a very popular trip in Sarta Marta – for travellers can scuba dive and take a stroll through the village by the day and get back to their hotels in Santa Marta by the night easily! The town has a laidback old town vibe – perfect for having a leisurely day and some adventure.

So whatever attraction awaits you, Santa Marta is definitely a perfect destination for everyone seeking the mix of beach, relaxation, entertainment and adventure.

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