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Tips to Decorate Your Home on a Tight Budget

When interior design when is carried out professionally, it can cost you big-ticket especially if you’re going for a complete makeover. However, there is no rule that says that it can’t be done otherwise. With proper planning, prioritizing, smart use of existing elements and intelligent choices of the timeline you can significantly minimize the costing.

Many times, you switch channel after channel of lifestyle television shows or you curl page after page of home décor magazines scrolling your attention over state-of-the-art home settings – only to discover that they are out of your pocket’s budget. You might wonder that it takes a lot to decorate your home but it doesn’t. These days you can decorate your home on a shoestring. Yes, read on some fresh and amazing ideas that might inspire you to do the same!

Here it goes:

  1. Papers, Prints & Textiles

Prints can transform the look of a living space more than anything else. Whether it is floral print wallpaper on your bedside wall or a gingham liner rolled around your lampshade, prints have an amazing ability to camouflage almost anywhere and everywhere. Now come the possibilities you can have in prints. So, there are a lot of them. Say, for instance, you can go for crevice printed paper wallpaper for your reading room. You can use printed fabrics for your bedroom.

  1. Draperies & Dropslips

This summers, engage your house in a flowy feel with an abundance of dropcloths and draperies. While bold tones add a bright glow, pastels and florals are ideal for a minimal look. Even a crisp plain white curtain can add wonders by adding an illusion of spaciousness. Apart from curtains, you can add draperies over open shelf closets, powder room, and even bathroom.

  1. Tags & Labels

You can’t agree that nothing is as magnificent as a clutter-free, organized living space. Adding labels and tags is a great way to organize your interior setting, especially in areas where you are vulnerable to use multiple items on a daily basis. This includes kitchen, laundry, powder room, study room, pantry, and bathroom. You can use colored chalks or bold markers to carry out the job.

  1. Arty Secrets, Hearty Secrets

No matter whether you have a large-sized bungalow or a small apartment, there is something that can add the sparkler of firework in your home décor setting. That is DIY artwork. Displaying your art pieces on the walls, in shelves or simply on your center table is a great way to make your home look even more fabulous.

  1. Take a Trip to Store Room

For how many years have you been holding yourself from doing this herculean task? Old curtains, sarees & dresses, old bottles & canisters, rugs & mats, and many such things that have been lying unused for years, now is the time to let them break free. The fabrics of old clothes can be converted to upholstery. Bottles and canisters can be used as containers for planting or lighting. Beads and embellishments can be used for decorations on the walls. These are but a few options. Create your own and stay inspired.

  1. Go Second Hand

If you are planning to revamp your home, it doesn’t always mean that you’d need to purchase brand new furniture items. Often times, simply changing the old ones can cast a huge difference. Plus, if you look at many second-hand furniture stores, they really house some gorgeous items to look for.

  1. Details & Tidbits

Often the tiniest of changes make the biggest of differences in a house’s look. From varnishing the faucet of your bathroom wash basin to decorating the lights to changing the door handles or cabinet pulls in the kitchen, there are a lot of itty-bitty details we can pay attention to.

  1. Tap into the Color Secret

Colors have a way of changing a setting quite dramatically. Update your home into the home of your choice by simple changes in the color settings of the rooms. Purchase a few buckets of paint, which is not a costly affair. Next, start with the walls moving on to doors and cabinets. For your bedroom, powder room or even bathroom, you can accessorize the painted area with stars, art pieces, patterns, planks, and cut-outs.

  1. Repurpose

Updating the arrangement of home items isn’t just meant for special occasions of Diwali or New Year. It isn’t a onetime affair, especially if you’ve got a small sized house. Rearrange the furniture, the closets, the showpieces, and accessories; and see how drastically it converts your house into a new one. That too, without spending a dime!

  1. Let a Theme Pull It All Together

Why not decide a bespoke theme for your house altogether. Whether it is a shade of paint, or a pattern, or a combination of paints & patterns, you can customize it all. To add a few examples, themes can be nature-inspired, soft pastels, bright-n-bold and many others like these.

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