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The Sugar-Free Eateries In London

confectioneryPlanning to explore the city of London? Well there are several fascinating things to check out while vacationing in the English capital. This is one of the few places in the world where you can be assured to get some amazing fun filled moments. London has surely got all of it that it would take to make you feel enriched all the time. If it has been surely quite a long time that you have not explored in the most captivating manner then all you need to do is to create a holiday itinerary which will further help you enjoy every bit of the trip in a desirable manner. There are several ways by means of which you can get to explore the best of your vacation moments in the city of London.

While visiting the city of London you can be assured to enjoy every bit of it. In case you are someone who loves the idea of indulging into the English cuisines during your holiday trip, it is always better to list out some of the captivating restaurants that can truly help you in having a great time ahead. Those visitors who are extremely diet conscious and cannot afford to increase single inch of their body can look ahead to try out the sugar free food that can be found in the London restaurants.

If you wish to indulge into sugar free food during your trip then you can most certainly look ahead to try out the bakeries, restaurants and confectionaries where you will not be served with any added refined sugar. If in case you are staying in London for quite a long time, then you can consider joining the culinary classes as well. Over there you can learn about the various cooking processes where substitutes of sugar are used.

Visit the following restaurants where you can easily cut down on the sweet white stuff without having to compromise with the sweet taste.

  • Amaya: It is located in Belgravia and is a highly reputed Modern Indian restaurant which offers two sugar free desserts on its menu. One is the Strawberry granite and the other one is poached pear. The sweetness is mainly derived from the natural sugar contained by the fruits.
  • Texture: This is a Michelin starred Modern Scandivian restaurant that is located near Marble Arch. It serves amazing desserts that are low in sugar content.
  • Indali Lounge: It is located in Baker Street and is the first Indian restaurant which has been dedicated to low fat eating. It serves the visitors with low sugar carrot and date halwa.
  • Leon: It is a path breaking fast food chain that serves only healthy stuff. You can have poached egg pots for breakfast and relish chorizo burgers for dinner.
  • Nama: It is a gourmet raw food restaurant which has its base in Notting Hill and is famous for offering wonderfully garnished dishes from all around the world.
  • Greenz: It is located in Tulse Hill and is a livelier Caribbean veggie restaurant offering a few desserts that are naturally sweetened and are free from refined sugars. You must look ahead to try some cardamom speckled courgette along with walnut cake that is made of whole meal flour.
  • 222 Veggie Vegan: This is a widely popular restaurant that has been around for more than a decade. Most of the desserts served over here do not contain any added sugar. If you are finding it hard to choose an appropriate dish that is low in sugar content then feel free to ask the staff members as they will nicely help you around.
  • Vantra Vitao: This Oxford Street restaurant has its focus on nutrition and use palm syrup instead of refined sugars in the preparation of the dishes served over here. This is one hyper healthy restaurant that caters to various diet.
  • Wild Food Cafe: This is a bustling venue that is ensconced within the boundaries of Convent Garden's Neal Yard. It primarily focuses on vegan, raw and wild foraged food.
  • Fortnum & Mason: This is the place to drop by for some sumptuous afternoon tea along with sandwiches, diabetic scones, diabetic desserts and many more healthy stuff.
  • Primrose Bakery: This much loved bakery in Primrose Hill had been established around ten years back and has a number of branches in the city. It is famous for serving the visitors with cocoa cupcakes and quinoa.

Visit the other popular food chains for treating yourself with some sugar-free stuff. You are surely going to love every bit of your trip in the most exquisite manner. These are some of the popular sugar-free or low-sugar restaurants where you can get the best as well as healthy food ahead during the trip to London.

There is no shortage of travel staples in the city of London. You would love the idea of enjoying every bit of your trip in a fascinating manner. There are several places to explore and enjoy while holidaying in the English capital. If you are planning to explore most of the scenic attractions then it is better to stay right in the heart of the city. Try to book your room in the Shaftesbury London so that you get to make an easy access so the various travel attractions which the city of London takes pride in possessing. There are various historic sites, royal attractions, open green spaces, parklands, shopping centers, museums, art galleries and skyscrapers to explore.

The more you stay focused on the vacation plans the better will be the range of benefits. London is a promising city to be seen at and you are bound to feel enriched throughout the time. It is always about how captivatingly you can make the most of the trip. You should leave no stone unturned in order to ensure that you have made the most of your leisure time in the English capital.

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