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The Nightlife of Morocco

If the daytime in Morocco is of fun and exploration, the nights are full of thrill and entertainment to add in your enjoyment during Holidays in Morocco.

Marrakech Has the Best Nightlife

Any of the city of Morocco is just awesome but Marrakech, the Paris of Morocco leads by offering the best nightlife that will amaze and surprise your tour to Morocco.

Zero-Point of Marrakech

Historically linked metropolitans have generally a Zero point or say the center of a city where mostly you would find the Markets, Museum or the public gathering place. Like a solar system, Marrakech spins around its sun that is Djemaa el-Fnaa. This is the main square of the city from where the streets and alleyways apart their ways.

If you are in love with the party nights, then you are in the right place. Marrakech Don’t sleep at nights and offers its guests the best entertainment in town. The first place in town to visit is Djemma el Fna Square. This rather a new area of the city was founded by the French in 1912 and is the center of Marrakech’s nightlife and cafe culture.

Just as sunset happens, the sight of a festival can be seen at this center of the town as everything in that area truly comes alive. Fortune tellers, Snake charmers, fire swallowers, storytellers, all engage fascinates the tourists. The square transforms into a magical circus surrounded by the food stalls and the rhythms of African Arabic Music.

Chez Ali Fantasia

If you are in Marrakech, you have no reason to miss the opportunity to visit Chez Ali Fantasia. You will find a complete package of entertainment on your dinner. There is a Bedouin’s style tent, the folklore groups will entertain you with glorious belly dancers, fire eaters, magicians and the famous Chez Ali Fantasia band with traditional uniforms. During the show, you will be served with food, Moroccan mint tea, and Moroccan sweets.

Not only this, you have much more fun activities in town. You may have a wonderful Shopping experience in the souks or you can visit the art galleries around. The place where once Jews used to live in Marrakech is good to visit to taste the bite of history. Going to the theatre can be a good option you can opt.
You must have experienced wandering on local transportation if not have security concerns in Marrakech.

Chez Ali Fantasia

Romantic Experiences of Casablanca

Did you see a romantic movie Casablanca? I would recommend seeing such a romantic love story which would remain in your memories for long. It is the same Moroccan city Casablanca where the American Rick had a nightclub. Coming to the nightlife of Casablanca, that is a little bit calm than in Marrakech, or other big busy cities of Morocco. But being Calm doesn’t mean boring or uninteresting.

You will enjoy a nice evening dining at any of the Casablanca’s delicious restaurants.

Casablanca’s Rick still has its footprints in Morocco in the name of Rick’s café. It is a restaurant, bar, and café located in the city of Casablanca, recreated to preserve the memories of the famous classic movie, Casablanca. Rick café is a budget restaurant which offers western and eastern foods and beverages.

Why You Shouldn’t opt Tangier?

Nightlife in Tangier is not like other cities of Morocco. The local hotels give you the genuine Moroccan feel. Some new hotels are somehow changing the scenario which local hotels failed to.

On the other hand, the cafe culture of Tangier is inspiring, particularly for famous artists and writers. Cafe Hafa is an attractive cafe surrounded by a terrace and gardens that overlook Gibraltar. Sunset scene can from the café is just an amazing sight. Other than this, there are many other cafes and restaurants which can give a better environment to the tourists.

Located on the beach adds the beauty and grace to the life of Tangier. Beach have an immense pleasure to offer with the budgeted night bars around.

Things to Know About the Fez’s Nightlife

Fez is also the city very different from Casablanca and Marrakech. You cannot enjoy the nightlife in Fez and Agadir comparatively. The bars you can find there are very few and at long distances. So if you are thinking to have the same privilege in Fez, you are wrong. You might not be having any source of entertainment in nights either.

Only the big hotels can offer you a good package of entertainment. You’ll also find some great, small restaurants in town for open-air dining experience where mostly the French and Moroccan dishes are served.

A Night in the Sahara Desert of Morocco

Eight to Nine hours on distance with Marrakech, Desert is an adventurous place must visit in Holiday trip to Morocco. Some might think that this is an unreal idea to stay a night in Sahara, you can actually spend a night in the Sahara Desert. It will be a very unique idea and unforgettable experiences you might have in Sahara.

Sunset Camel ride will excite you in Shahara. You can spend the night in a luxury tent or the budgeted tents to witness the hardships of a desert life under the stars. On the other hand, the luxury tents are equipped with a full bathroom including running water, western toilet, and shower.

Traveling to Morocco is definitely an awesome and unforgettable experience. And while there may seem to be more opportunities to explore this North African country during the day, nightlife in Morocco is also a unique and intriguing way to experience all of the best things the country has to offer.

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