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The Metro Journey

rfewtgwtHuman beings are both social and curious creatures. The social aspect makes us move from place to place to spend time with those we love, as well as establish new relationships with others who may become our loved ones. The curious aspect makes us desire to explore places we have never been to. Moreover, we invariably move from one place to another to gather and maintain resources that facilitate our existence; for instance, going to work, a visit to the mall, grocery shopping, or attending an important meeting in another location.

There are many reasons we use transport, and it’s one of the most expensive things we spend money on. Hence, being smart about how we spend money on transport is one of the surest ways of saving a lot of it. Using the metro system is an option you have that will not only assist you in saving money on transport, but you’ll also find it a convenient and pleasant experience. How? Let’s see.

Before reading further into the article, please make sure you know the difference between ‘metro’ and ‘Metropolis’. These words are used freely in the article, but they are not used in place of the other.

The Metropolis

Metropolis is not only the name of the city protected by Superman/ Clark Kent, but it’s also the ideal name for the kinds of cities we currently live in. The main aspect of the metropolis I want to focus on here is – dense population. With technology advancing at an exponential rate, and the human population increasing at a high rate, our cities are quickly becoming densely populated. Technology is introducing enhanced means of transport and the high population demands a transport system that can handle it. That doesn’t mean that now everyone has to drive a car because even that has its woes. Furthermore, living in a densely populated area also means you’ll have to familiarize yourself with the area, and the complex city structure established. This is considerably difficult for someone who’s new to an area like this.


Living in a big city means you’ll have to familiarize yourself with the various streets in it, the assorted significant places – particularly those that are beneficial to you, and you’ll also need to know the quickest routes to these places. As a resident in a metropolis, this takes a couple of years to master, and if you are a guest, this may be a painful and difficult process, but it doesn’t have to. Through advanced technology, apps have been developed to significantly make this easy for you. Using the metro system can significantly save you a lot of time and money. Finding a subway or bus station is easy, and – as long as you have done your homework – a convenient means of transport. The metro system is well connected, coordinated, and affordable. A good journey planning app will provide you with all these information, and more. One such app that you’ll find useful and invaluable is the metro journey planner.

Modes of Transport

Something else you’ll have to know while in a metropolis is the best means of transport, based on the destination and time. You’ll also have to know the best form of money, currency, or payment to use in the respective means of transport. Again, as a resident, this knowledge will already be at your fingertips, but as a visitor in a metropolis, this knowledge will have to be acquired in one way or another. This is another feature that a good journey planning app should have.


What about safety? Whenever you travel, you are always concerned about the safest means of transport to use, the safety of the places you may visit en route, as well as the security of whatever place your destination is. Due to human nature, there will always be places that one should be careful in. It’s very important that this knowledge is acquired prior to visiting a large city so that if possible, visits to hostile places are avoided.

Another issue of safety concerns the environment. Yes, there are various modes of transport, but not all of them are eco-friendly. A personal vehicle is ideal for taking long journeys, but too many vehicles on the road will not only inevitably lead to annoying and frustrating traffic jams but they also emit fumes that are toxic to the environment. Therefore, the more of these vehicles we have on the roads, the more expensive traveling using them will be, and the less of them we have on the roads, the less expensive using them is likely to be. Be that as it may, traveling using the metro system doesn’t necessarily have these problems. It’s meant to move many people at once and in a safe and convenient manner.

Nonetheless, not all metro systems are safe, mainly due to where they are located and the kind of people you’re likely to bump shoulders with along the way. Therefore, it’s important to have a way of gaining prior knowledge regarding the various metro systems available in a city. A good journey planning application will provide you with this information.


The metro journey planner is the application you should go for if you are looking for one that will provide you with all the essentials you’ll need to have a successful journey in a metropolis, regardless of whether you’re a regular or just a visitor. As you can see, there is much to be considered as far as transport in a large and busy city is concerned. The more knowledge you have regarding the best and most affordable means of transport, the better are your chances of saving money and having a pleasant experience. The metro system is one of the best modes of transport, particularly if you travel often, or if you are a visitor in a metropolis.

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