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Spring Destinations for the Jet Set

spring-holidaySpring often brings a wanderlust, a desire to be up, out, and about, and for those with the flying mileage to burn, distance is no object and the destination’s beauty is all that matters. Here are a few jet-set worthy destinations to look at for spring, whether as an itinerary to plan or as a dream to reach up for.


Hawaii is pretty quiet in May, which is good news for anyone who wants to fly in, whether it’s on their own private plane or flying coach. Sun-drenched days and few crowds means you can stay at premium resorts without having to pay premium prices, and Hawaii has more than its fair share of high-end resorts vying for the title of most beautiful. The Four Seasons and Fairmont chains alone have multiple resorts on different islands, each trying to trump the other for wow factor.

Andalucia, Spain

Practice your holas and win more than a few smiles as you ski and swim to your heart’s content in sunny Andalucia’s cooler springtime weather. When you’re tired, you can retire to your rented accommodations, which are discounted at this time of the year, and sip your oloroso, fino, or amontillado while watching the sun paint the wildflower-carpeted countryside in reds, oranges, and purples vibrant enough to put a matador’s costume to shame.

Provence, France

Provence may seem like a bit of a cliché for the jet set, but there’s a reason people have been flocking to this part of the world for centuries now. Going in spring also allows you to experience a side of Provence you won’t see during the high season in July and August, where activity can reach a frenetic pace and the pressure of the see-and-be-seen culture can cause more stress than the overseas vacation takes away. May and June, on the other hand, offer a less crowded and more intimate experience, and for those to whom money is indeed a consideration, the low volume of tourists also means more discounts, making Provence in spring a (relatively) budget destination.


Another opportunity to get in ahead of the summer crowd, which will surely take advantage of Greece’s economic woes to experience the best it has to offer at the lowest cost possible. If you’re looking to experience the charm of the Mediterranean islands sans the crowds of camera-toting tourists, now’s definitely the time to go.

Miami, Florida

While this is one of the closer destinations on the map, those who’ve only seen Miami during summer and spring break will be in for a treat—the gap between spring break and hurricane season in June is one of the best times to experience Miami at its most private and least hectic. This doesn’t mean that a wild night out dancing to a sexy Latino beat is going to be impossible to find—it simply means that a wild night becomes an option rather than a must.

Central Europe

You can also opt to play contrarian: while others scramble to taste the sun’s warmth in advance of the summer crowds, you can chase the last of the cool weather in such high-value Old World destinations as the former Soviet states—Poland’s Warsaw and the Czech Republic’s Prague are particularly great examples of where to go to experience old-school grandeur without having to pay for it in gold.

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