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Romantic Facts about Diamonds to Inspire Your Wedding Ring Selection in Sydney

  1. Everything has Meaning

I don’t know what your love means to you and your spouse; whatever it is I hope it is something equivalent to invincible, perfect, or indestructible because that is also the meaning of the word “diamond.” It originates from the Greek term “adamas”, meaning indestructible or invincible.

  1. A Girl’s Best Friend

Marilyn Monroe is famous for singing a song with the lyrics, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and she could not be any more right. Around 90% of all women are crazy about diamonds; chances are that yours is too. If you are looking to show her how much you get her – assuming she is not part of the remaining 10% – with a diamond ring, you are sure to impress her.

  1. Tears of the gods

In the old days, the Greeks and Romans perceived diamonds as tears of the gods.

The Romans, in particular, believed that Cupid’s arrow contained a speck of diamond on their tips – a lovely fact for charming your special someone.

Other stories from the Greeks and Romans suggest that diamonds are splinters from falling stars. Perhaps it was wishful thinking, but the ancient Greeks and Romans were onto something, because

  1. The Sky full of Diamonds

In 2004, scientists discovered an actual planet (55 Cancri e), orbiting a star (55 Cancri A) in the Cancer constellation, with one-third composed of pure diamonds.

If that is not mind-blowing, scientists have also come across a white dwarf star with a diamond core. They called it Lucy, after the Beatles’ song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. The star is 10 billion trillion carats and is the largest diamond we know about so far – promise her you’ll take her there someday.

Furthermore, maybe the Greeks and Romans were either psychic or pure geniuses because they are not the only ones who believe diamonds are actually of alien origin. Mostly discovered in South America and Africa, Carbonado diamonds are so strange that diamond experts believe they were deposited on earth by an asteroid that hit the planet nearly three billion years ago. Albeit you won’t necessarily find them on wedding rings, carbonado diamonds are great for polishing into a black diamond.

  1. Let’s take a selfie – make sure you get her x carat diamond ring!

If you have ever tried it, taking a photo of a diamond ring is quite challenging because, in a photo, it rarely looks as sparkly and mesmerizing as it does in reality. Regardless, get diamond rings in Sydney from Michael Arthur, and you’ll get a stone so spectacular any camera will be ashamed if it fails to capture its beauty.

  1. April is her name

If your missy was born in April, a diamond ring might be the ideal ring for her because diamonds are the birthstone for those born in this month. It all depends on you, but perhaps also an April wedding?

  1. Who was the first one?

The first woman to receive a diamond ring from a man was Mary of Burgundy, from the Archduke of Austria. It is a challenge knowing the actual first one, but according to the logs we have, she was the one. Get rid of it and every other record, and your lovely thing could be the first one. Good luck with that!

  1. Her True Worth?

In Sydney, most men spend around A$3400 – around two month’s salary – on a diamond ring. The price of a diamond ring is determined by the size of the stone, its cut, the metal, purity, clarity, shape, and color.

As far as the shape of the diamond is concerned, most people go for the “round cut diamond”. For the sake of variety, others go for “the princess cut”.

The most commonly used metal for diamond is platinum, followed by white gold.

The color of a pure diamond usually ranges from a pale yellow to crystal clear. However, various impurities produce colors that are more interesting for those willing to sacrifice a bit of purity for uniqueness. With impurities, you can get colors like green, blue, red, brown, black, orange or pink.

How much are you willing to sacrifice to show her how deep your love is?

I hope these few fun facts were romantic enough to inspire you into buying the ideal diamond ring for your only true love.

If you have any questions, please ask below!