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Rascal: Experience One of Indonesia’s Most Luxurious Yachts

A yacht charter into Indonesia’s fascinating environs is a distinct, satisfying pleasure – especially when the yacht gives a new definition to the word luxury. Meet Rascal: a fresh wunderkind on Indonesia’s yacht scene whose unpretentious yet on-point approach to design and cultivating unique itineraries elevates it above the crowd.

The Rascal Definition of Luxury

A 31m (102 ft), 5-cabin phinisi cruiser launched in late 2016, Rascal delivers luxury in a myriad of ways. First, she allows guests the freedom to create a bespoke itinerary within Indonesia’s best cruising grounds: Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat, the Banda Islands, and the waters around Sumba, Sumbawa and Lombok. An exclusively tailored charter, perfectly matched to guests’ wishes, provides the luxury of choice.
A sophisticated yet laid-back, Hamptons-meets-the-tropics ambience encompasses Rascal’s fresh, well-appointed interiors and al fresco spaces featuring ironwood and teak from Indonesian jungles. All five of Rascal’s air-conditioned, en-suite cabins are above water, which means all ten guests enjoy immediate, unencumbered views of gorgeous scenery as they relax in stylish comfort.
Carefree, barefoot fun is Rascal’s vibe, so guests on her charters easily feel at home – while at the same time, world-class service treats guests like royalty. In this way, guests get both the relaxed feeling of being aboard their own floating, designer beach house and the honored, privileged VIP guest experience of staying at a 5-star resort, expertly delivered by Rascal’s crew of nine who pride themselves on taking hospitality to the next level
Onboard The Rascal Yacht

What Guests Love about Rascal

A Rascal luxury yacht cruise entails several enticing features. Its spacious 118m² (1280ft²) infinity roof deck is geared for sun soaking and 360˚ ocean vistas by day, and by night its vast ceiling of stars seems only just out of reach. Perfect for lounging and socializing with views as far as the eye can see, this awesome roof expanse sets Rascal apart from other yachts in the region.
Each tastefully appointed cabin boasts high rattan-covered ceilings, ample storage space, universal electrical outlets and flat screen TVs with thousands of movies and SONOS music systems. The master cabin on the top deck includes a private balcony, and one of the main deck’s cabins features a twin bunk bed ideal for kids.
Rascal’s inviting indoor and outdoor dining areas foster communal bonding, storytelling and recollections of the days’ adventures. Guests dine on fresh, healthy, vibrant fare specially curated from Bali’s Watercress restaurant, while the bar boasts its own Rascal-branded rum on the Proof & Company-inspired cocktail list.
Endless opportunities for exploring the water realm are made available by Rascal’s top-of-the-line dive and snorkeling equipment, two marathon fiberglass tenders, two 2-person fiberglass sea kayaks, a banana boat, a biscuit, water skis and fishing gear. With all of these great features, it’s no wonder Rascal is a highly sought-after yacht for holiday getaways.
Yacht Charter Rascal

Tailored Itineraries

Rascal charters rarely repeat themselves, which grants guests truly one-of-a-kind experiences each time she cruises. Personalized itineraries mean that guests get total control over what they’ll do and see on their charter in the region of their choice. The following cruise offerings give a sample of Rascal’s exciting, curated experiences.
Bali to Komodo: This cruise unites stunning views above and below water with incredible wildlife sightings. Volcanoes, pink sand beaches – and of course the infamous Komodo dragons – are just a few things you’ll encounter while plying the waters of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Raja Ampat: Rascal excels at delivering epic diving experiences, and on this trip guests get to explore magnificent depths teeming with an endless array of sea life in the world’s most biodiverse marine area. Guests of all diving and snorkeling levels are catered to on this cruise, as the director chooses the best sites to fit each yacht charter guest’s abilities.
The Banda Islands: Guests get to travel back in time to the height of the Spice Trade days, touring nutmeg plantations and colonial villages and forts. A volcano trek up Gunung Api, whale and dolphin spotting, cave explorations and mother-of-pearl market visits highlight this excursion into an area rich with history.
Sumba, Sumbawa and Lombok: Cruises around these islands offer seemingly endless swells for surfers. Rascal’s surf masters will tailor trips for novice and advanced wave riders alike, ensuring that all levels get what they want from their yacht safari. Guests are rewarded for their efforts on the waves with Rascal’s supremely comfortable, elegant environs and warm hospitality.
Indonesia Rascal Yacht Charter

Luxury Redefined

Rascal gives new meaning to luxury yacht charters in Indonesia. Cruising with Rascal means freedom of movement – the choice of where to explore and what to experience in the archipelago’s gorgeous frontier. It also encompasses laid-back relaxation in polished style – elevated by impeccable service, a mouth-watering menu, and unrivaled cabin views. Luxury yachting has never been so liberating and satisfying!

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