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Planning that ‘oh so’ perfect trip to Dubai!

What is the new hottest destination in the world? May it be for a relaxing family holiday or a nice and relaxing one with your family, everyone is flocking to Dubai these days! Yes, Dubai is the up and coming tourist destination that everyone wants to visit and why not! If you want to have a nice and relaxing weekend, Dubai has so many things to offer. If you are craving for some travel fun and adventure, then too, Dubai is the place to be. So, whatever your travel purposes might be, Dubai has an answer to everything.

So how do you plan an ideal trip to Dubai? Well, you start of course with making your travel itinerary. Let’s take a look at some of the places that you must visit when in Dubai:

  • Dubai is known for the Burj Al Arab, and hence, you have to visit this once. If your budget is quite high, then you might even opt for a stay at the Burj Al Arab, but when travelling on a tighter budget, you can always head out to the 27th floor of this hotel, to not just take a bite of delicious munchies and a sip of heart-warming tea, but also a view of the entire city, which will surely take your breath away.
  • What is Dubai without its deserts? This is one of the main topographical attractions of Dubai, which draws many tourists here. So what is the best way to explore the deserts? Why a camel ride of course! Fix up an Arabian Camel Ride on the deserts of Dubai and explore the real side of Dubai. Keep half a day for this and do not forget to pack a good sunblock if you want to avoid the harsh desert sun.
  • Now it’s time to head out to the beaches. Wait, what! Beaches? Yes, that’s right! Dubai is unique that way – where you get both deserts and beaches! The Jumeirah Beach is the go-to the beach in Dubai. If you are up for some water sports, this is a really nice place to try them out. If you wish for a relaxing time with a few drinks, then too, nothing beats the comfort of the Jumeirah Beach.
  • The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is also a place that you have to visit. Since natural topography has taken a hit this reserve helps in preserving some of the animals which are slowly disappearing. This safari in a car will surely expose a different side of the desert to you.
  • Do you want to visit an underwater Aquatic zoo? Well, then you should head out to the biggest one in Dubai – the Dubai Aquarium. It is indeed a fascinating experience for all as you walk inside an underground structure with miles and miles of water filled with some of the most exciting marine animals! This is indeed a must try for all!
  • Have you heard of Dubai’s Miracle Garden? It is the largest flower garden in the world. Imagine a land of only flowers in a desert! The sheer wonder of this flower garden makes it all the more beautiful. If you are going on your honeymoon to Dubai, then a visit to the flower garden is something that you should definitely have on your travel itinerary.
  • Want to explore the old and traditional side of Dubai – right from ancient times? Well, then you should definitely plan a tour of Bastakiya. Located right by the Dubai Creek and the Al Fahidi Fort, the heritage walk that this old town offers is something that you have to opt for once if you are interested in exploring a rather different side of Dubai.
  • Deira Souk is another must visit place when in Dubai. Why? Well, we all know Dubai is famous for its gold, right? This is the largest gold market in the world! So it doesn’t matter whether you are planning on purchasing gold or not, this market itself has a glitter to it, which makes it a must visit on your trip to Dubai.
  • Global Village in Dubai has literally everything for every culture. Whether you may be from Egypt or China, you will surely find something for yourself here. When travelling with your family or even friends, this is a place that you have to visit for a night of fun and frivolity!
  • Do you have a flaring interest in the arts? Well, then a trip to the Alserkal Art District is a must on your Dubai trip. From art galleries to exhibitions by local artists, this is a very popular tourist hub which is gradually attracting more and more people to it.

Essential tips for trip planning

The next step to planning and executing your trip is making sure of a few things. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • First, you need to search for all the best hotels in Dubai and check the availability. Refer to a travel site, which will provide you with an in-depth detail of the various hotels along with ratings. Check the availability based on your travel dates and get the booking done at the earliest to avail good offers.
  • Then you have to get your flight booking done. It is essential that you book your flight tickets in time because the fare increases as the day of travel approach. Opt for the best flight for Dubai if you want to start enjoying the trip right from take off!
  • Plan out your travel budget. Take into account the flight cost, the hotel cost and other miscellaneous expenses as well like charges for sight-seeing, food, shopping (because you have to shop in Dubai), travelling within Dubai etc. Keep your budget plan with you at all times and also do not over exceed your budget. You do not want to come back home broke!
  • Plan out your travel in great detail. If you want to make sure that your sight-seeing plans go well according to plan, do good research and have everything pre-booked.

Dubai is one of the most happening tourist destinations in the world right now. So, start planning your trip to wonderful Dubai, today!

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