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Planning a Successful Wedding in Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola, Florida is a wonderful place, where emerald waters and a pink sky seem to go on forever. The bay area offers unique views and breathtaking sites, radiating the Southern charm, rich history, and a romantic atmosphere.

The downtown Pensacola offers a wide range of wedding venues in the historic district, which is situated very close to the bay area.

So you just got engaged – Congratulations! Now the work and fun of planning a wedding can begin. There are many things to arrange and plan to make your day as special as the person you will be with for the rest of your life. Here are a few things that can help make your special day a successful as well as joyful day.

Theme and Colors

Whether you want a western barn wedding, a classic cathedral or a backyard garden, settling on a theme is the first decision that needs to be made. All others will be based on the theme, even influencing the colors. You may choose deep, sophisticated shades; lighthearted brighter hues, or a myriad of floral tones depending on the theme.

Location and Venue

The Lee House and Barkley House are two of the most well-known locations in Pensacola, offering unique settings for your dream wedding. However, for any other location you choose, consider the following: Is the parking easily accessible and can they adequately handle the number of guests you are inviting? Do they have shelter or will you need to rent tents? You may want to check out otherPensacola wedding venues to see some great options that can make your event a memorable one.

The Cake

In the bay area, traditional stacked cakes have a very formal feel and are still the most common style of wedding cake. Not every wedding is a formal affair, however. At a country-style wedding on the beach, for example, you may choose to go sans fondant, opting for a rustic iced finish surrounded by a wreath of daisies on a cake platter made from a sliced log. A smaller single tiered cake nestled in a nest of tulle under an elegant glass cloche may be just what your garden wedding calls for.

Flowers and Lighting

Roses, calla lilies and camellias are very formal. Daisies, sunflowers, and hydrangeas have a much more casual feel. Cabbage roses, peonies and tulips create a romantic ambiance. Work with flowers you love, which fit your colors and theme. A string of Edison bulbs, luminaries floating on a pool, or lit paper lanterns may be a nice alternative to candles, and along with the flowers can create a lovely atmosphere.

Although cell phones and tablets can be very helpful in planning, there is just nothing like keeping a folder or binder where you can arrange clippings, samples and other helpful ideas you want to refer to often – especially color samples which can look different on screen. Tackle one thing at a time and try to stay positive and resilient if some details don’t quite work out. Flexibility may be your best ally in planning your wedding.

All in all, the Pensacola Bay Area might be the perfect place for your next wedding and your wedding party in all aspects – whether you need a ceremony by the sea or a more formal setting for your wedding venue.

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