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New Technologies are Making Pools Become Smart

It’s correct to say that swimming pools play an essential role in reifying the dreams of many people. As the years pass by there are new swimming pool technologies and design which make pools smart. Some of the most common trends in pools include landscaping, styles, shapes and evolving built-up techniques. The design trends are frequently changing as fresh materials, technologies and loch features get in the market. Today there are limitless technologies which you can use to make your pool smart and add character to it.

Here are trends in technology and design which you should consider when building a new swimming pool or remodelling an existing one.

  1. Automation

During the past few years, automated control systems have been proliferating in consumer adoption and technology. Improvement in technology ensures that all types of equipment are working well. Technological advancements help you in operating your equipment’s in the off-peak seasons and also flexibly manage numerous shorter cycles. Matter of fact you can control the pool system from your mobile device anytime anywhere.

  1. Unique lighting

If you want your pool to have a unique feeling, you should incorporate LED lights. These lights are efficient if you want to create an excellent ambiance for night swims. Apart from using the LED lights for a night swim, you can also use them during a night party with your friends or family.

  1. Tile

The era of using concrete bottomed swimming pools is slowly coming to a halt. Stone and glass tiles are now being considered as the new materials for the future. You can make use of glass tiles in the whole pools as they have a reflective nature on the water. Also, glass tiles will give your pool a luxurious accent. They also create lovely patterns and colors which evoke a spa-like feeling which will improve your swimming pool experience. If you want a beautiful look in your pool, you should opt for glass tiles but if you want a traditional effect go for stone tiles.

  1. Splash decks

A splash deck is a narrow area which allows play and sunbathing. You can opt to relax in this area if you are not in the mood for swimming. This space is convenient for both kids and pets alike. A splash deck makes the pool to feel more spacious and welcoming.

  1. Water features

Water features come in numerous options which can improve the whole outdoor experience. The sound of running and moving water is soothing to the mind, and the impressive visual effect of water that is flowing is something which you would love to experience as it makes the atmosphere to be more relaxed. Adding water features in your pool is a great method of creating a perfect getaway for your swimming pool. The water feature brings a feeling of relaxation and peace in your home.

  1. Saltwater chlorination

Traditional pool chlorine has been in existent for many years, and this is because they work well. Though they work well, they can still be improved. With new technology, homeowners are slowly adapting the saltwater chlorination the brand behind saltwater pools. Saltwater chlorination is a safe method of cleaning and sanitizing your pool without the use of raw chemicals. The final result is that your pool water will be clean softer, smoother and gentle to touch.

  1. Darker pool colors

Pools which have lighter liners are now becoming a thing of the past. In 2018 and in the other years which are coming most pool owners are now preferring to use darker pool lines as compared to lighter ones. Black and navy blue are some of the color choices which are now common for the bottom part of most swimming pools. Darker pool colors allow the water to reflect more on the surrounding things. Darker colors also give the pool a natural look, and they absorb more heat as compared to other pool colors.

With the current rise in technology, homeowners are incorporating new trends and designs in modifying how their pool looks and operates. Use of water features, splash decks, glass and stone tiles, unique lighting and automation are some of the technologies which will make your pool to become smart.

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