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Moving in With a New Roommate

Student life might be very stressful, especially when one has to face moving from the hometown at very delicate age in order to get to the college. College can be quite an adventure, a new experience that can bring joy, fun, new friendships, opportunity to gain new skills and to improve knowledge.


However, finding a new place to live might cause a lot of troubles.

Finding suitable apartment can be very complicated task itself. Maybe you will like those with higher rent than you and your parents can afford.

In many cases living alone is not affordable, at least not according personal criteria. so, if we want to rent an apartment that meets all the standards in terms of cost, comfort, location…, finding a roommate could be a (perfect) solution. So, if you are keen on living in a spacious apartment in Brooklyn, and don’t have enough funds for it, you don’t need to give up on your idea instantly. If you try finding other solutions to this issue, you may realize that sharing this apartment with another person might be more convenient for you.
If you are new in town and didn’t struck up an acquaintance with many people, you can contact some of the roommate-matching services.

In case you can’t manage with moving on your own, you can contact the nearest moving company. Movers will help you with safe packing and transport as well.

However, you might need an assistance of movers provided that you have found the roommate, which can be very difficult and frustrating.
Choosing right roommate might appear as one of the most significant decisions during the college period.

Here are some guidelines that might be useful.

– Choose your roommate with eyes wide open. You have to analyze carefully your lifestyle, habits, needs, priorities and then compare them to those of your potential roommate. To what extent do your goals coincide? Does your potential roommate share your priorities and attitudes regarding the hygiene? Do you like her personality/character in general?
Keep in mind that there are no perfect matches (or at least those cases are uncommon).

– Before contacting the roommate-matching agency, you should elaborate other’s experiences and see if someone knows a person who needs a roommate. In that way you can analyze possible advantages and disadvantages of living with a stranger.

– If you have none of those issues and you are planning to move in with a friend, that might be a double-edged sword. A good friend is not necessarily a compatible roommate. However, you shouldn’t expect of your roommate to be a good friend as well.

– Keep in mind that you can choose and accept/refuse what is important to you and make compromises about less important matters. It’s all about communication and negotiation in this kind of relationship. Your expectations and hopes must be rational.

– When you find the roommate, you have to establish some ground rules and determine duties and obligations.

However, once the roommate is found, your problems unfortunately are not over yet. The following period may be challenging for both of you. It’s basically very tough period of adaptation to new life circumstances. Due to a possible homesickness, you might feel more nervous than usual, especially if you moved out of the family house for the first time. Don’t let this state affect the relationship with your new roommate. All your differences will emerge eventually, so there’s a chance for some minor disagreements and arguments to happen.

Do not despair! This might be the worst-case scenario. Another option is that you and your new roommate will get along perfectly, whether she/he is the person you know for a long time or a complete stranger. No one could predict the future of this new community. It’s all up to you. It’s you who is setting boundaries.

There’s also one more thing to pay attention while searching for an apartment-a landlord.

Essential rule: you could use another opinion and objective judgment of the situation, so never go alone to see the apartment. Someone with more experience (parents, friends,…) may be of assistance and help you choose the most suitable apartment for you.

Given the complexity of the situation, the last thing you need is a bad landlord. There are few indication that you are facing one:

-The apartment in question isn’t kept in good condition, although the landlord tries to make an impression as someone who is willing to keep apartment safe and maintained.

– Landlord’s general behavior. If he/she seems unprofessional and unpleasant at the very first meeting, what are the odds of getting his/her attention or assistance when something goes wrong?

– If you have some doubts about your future landlord, try finding some more information on internet, since frustrated tenants usually share online their anger and bad impressions about their landlords.


If you have any questions, please ask below!