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Guide to the Six Most Affordable Family Friendly Beaches

Every parent has the dreams of taking their kids to a nice beach where the whole family can enjoy the most memorable beach vacation. When you think of beach vacation, you may be thinking that everything is going to be expensive like the luxury hotels and expensive food. However, nice beach with good accommodation and good food at affordable prices do exist. The following are the best 6 beaches.

  1. South Padre Island

South Padre Island is a barrier island situated on the Gulf of Mexico. Many tourists like to go to the beach at the South Padre Island to get a view of the beautiful sunset. You can visit this beach at any time of the year as the water temperature is mild throughout the year. There are plenty of activities to do including renting a fishing charter to go deep sea fishing, taking part in a dolphin watch tour. Birdwatchers can visit the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center to observe over 300 species of birds.

  1. Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach, also known as Blue Wave beach, is a sandy beach in South Florida. It has won an award from the Clean Beach Council for receiving the top score in factors like water quality, fair weather conditions, and amenities. Lots of shops and restaurants can be found nearby. There is a campground where you can set up tent and camp for the night. Tourists who love adventure can do activities like surfing, and cable skiing. You can also access the free skate park located within proximity the beach.

  1. Toronto Beach

Toronto Beach in Toronto, Canada, features a brown sandy seashore with a long boardwalk. The boardwalk is perfect for people who want to go strolling, or cycling. From time to time, they also hold the winter art exhibition. On the beach, you will find chairs that are free to sit on. These chairs are owned by the city municipal. It is a nice beach to go to when the sun is out especially after the winter months. There is a free skating rink where you can go skating with friends. On this beach, you can also watch a lot of people flying kids high up in the sky.

  1. Ocean City Beach

Ocean City has a large roller coaster park where you can take your kids to. The 3-mile long boardwalk is perfect for strolling, jogging or riding bicycle. Along the boardwalk, there are lots of stalls that sell various types of food like fried chicken, pizza, and crab cakes. The water at the ocean city beach for tourists who are planning for affordable family beach vacations is suitable for performing water activities such as jet skis, kayaking, paddle boarding and surfing. You can also visit the Assateague national park to view animals like ponies, deer, and foxes. There are shopping malls like Gold Coast Mall where you can do your shopping. There is also a park called Northside Park at the Ocean City beach.

  1. Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach in Mexico has miles of golden sandy seashore that do not have any rock. However, it is not safe to swim at Miramar Beach as it has strong current. Walking up to 100 yards further you will reach the part where the waves only reach to the waist. The locals often come to the beach and you can take this opportunity to communicate with them. Across the street from the beach, you will find restaurants. The bus ride to Miramar Beach from Manzanillo costs only 7 pesos.

  1. Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach is a large crescent shaped beach with blue green waters on the Gulf of Thailand. The beach stretches as far as 4 km. On the seashore, you can see various colors of lounge seats lined up in a row. There are lots of palm trees where you can get some shades. If you are hungry, you can dine at one of the floating restaurants. Boats like speedboats and sailboats can be hired if you are keen on exploring the ocean on a boat. It is a well developed beach with many hotels and resorts within walking distance.

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