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Helpful Ways to Remodel Your Home Office Under a Tight Budget

Recent technological advancements, including high-speed internet connection and optimized hardware, have given birth to the telecommuting trend.

Physical workspaces are still important, but cloud-based tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and productivity apps like Skype, Slack, Trello, or Basecamp make it easier for teams to work together remotely. This has resulted in the steady increase of people who now have the option to work from home.

While working from home seems to be the dream for the majority because of its obvious benefits—like avoiding long commute times or being able to do tasks while in your pajamas—it could also be extremely challenging.

This is especially true if you do not have the right set-up because many distractions could easily get one sidetracked— household chores that need attending to, housemates, your gaming console, television, even the kitchen fridge that holds all your go-to snacks. Not having supervisors or workmates to check on your progress might make you feel less inclined to work at your best.

This could be remedied by having your very own home office, a space that is solely dedicated to work-related tasks. Maybe you already have one; it just needs some sprucing up or remodeling so you could increase your motivation to work. Here are some simple, budget-friendly home office design tips to help you achieve a beautiful, functional workspace that you will love.

1. First things first, consider your location

Do you work better in a quiet environment, or in spaces that have a bit more of background noise? If you work better in more peaceful settings, it is essential that you pick a room, or at the very least, a spot in your house that has ample space for all your work essentials and isolated from areas with heavy foot traffic.

You can convert a whole spare bedroom or use an attic in your house. If you thrive in workspaces with a bit of background noise, maybe you could consider sectioning off a corner of your living room for this purpose. Your preferred atmosphere when working should be your primary consideration when picking your home office space.

2. Set the right mood with desk lamps

Staying focused requires the right kind of ambiance, which is primarily dictated by your lighting. There are diverse selections of stylish, affordable desk lamps that vary in size and wattage. Table lamps remove the hassle of installing light fixtures and allows you to adjust the level of illumination easily as needed while you work.

3. Allow your workspace to reflect your unique personality with a fresh coat of paint

One of the best and cheapest ways to update your home office space is to paint your wall with your favorite color. Aside from being a cost-effective method to upgrade your workspace, it is also an excellent way for you to personalize and make it truly your own. Instead of hiring workers for the job, get into the DIY spirit so you can save on costs.

4. Keep stuff organized with assigned drawers and cabinets

Having an efficient labeling and organization system is great not just for eliminating clutter, but also for making your workflow smoother. Label containers according to its contents—different kinds of paper, cords and chargers, and other essential work supplies.

You can easily change up the look and feel of your storage area by getting adjustable shelves that you can modify according to your changing storage needs. To achieve this goal on a budget, you can always purchase secondhand containers and repurpose them, or research DIY storage ideas.

5. Get some greenery

Add houseplants to your home office to help keep you calm during crunch time. Some great-looking, low-maintenance options that can thrive indoors include the Snake Plant and ZZ plant. Houseplants also help clean the air around your workspace. You can play around with different styles of pots and planters that will match your aesthetic.

6. Spruce up your work spot with an area rug

Adding a beautiful area rug not only adds some visual interest to your home office space, but it also helps with sound absorption. Multicolored rugs with vibrant patterns will help accentuate houseplants and add life to home offices with simple furniture.

Choosing neutral-colored area rugs may work great to balance out rooms with busier decor, spaces with more intricate furniture, or bright-colored accents. You could also opt for a monotone theme if wild patterns or vivid colors are too distracting for you.

Be practical and enjoy the design process

You don’t need to break the bank when you remodel or spruce up your home office. It isn’t even necessary to have a whole room in most cases. Sometimes, just a quiet corner in the house is all you need.

It takes some effort and planning to design a spot that would allow you to work efficiently, whether it’s a whole room or a small corner in your home. Remember to take stock of your priorities and your workflow, as well as your design preferences, so you can come up with the best home office set-up that will satisfy your wants and needs.

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