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Living it up in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic attracts many tourists throughout the year. It has a variety of natural features that make it one of those places you want to go to. If you wish to get a spa in a beach-side resort or try hiking mountains, this small area has it all. For the more adventurous, there are hikes through rainforests, and islands you can discover on your own time.

With houses for rent in the Dominican Republic and the cost-effectiveness of the Caribbean, this should top your list for family vacations. Still wondering, what to do? Maybe, the following list will change your mind

  1. Zona Colonial

Santa Domingo has seen turbulent years in the past. However, the Zona Colonial remains as a reminder of the heritage that it carries. The entire area is decorated with plazas and works of architectural marvels. Plus, its history that Christopher Columbus himself had trod on this land before, and his statue is a testament to that fact.

The Zona Colonial was also the gateway to Latin America for the Spanish, and there are evident marks of the Spanish lifestyle on the halls and structures here. The UNESCO streets, in particular, put the history into perspective, with the colorful assortment of the different architectural styles that have fused into the Dominican Republic over the years.

While the entire area sounds posh, it has also become a booming shopping center. SO, you don’t have to worry about a meal for the family; you can tread down to one of the local restaurants and treat yourself to some Caribbean goodness.

  1. Amber Museum

Amber has been one of those things we look at admiringly. For the collector who put together this museum in 1918, it was nothing else. Now, the Amber Museum carries amber artifacts from the island and world over, each with its own story. You can find stories of these little marvels of nature as you visit the museum, and find out more about how the world came to be as it is. Do not forget to visit the adjacent shop to buy your amber jewelry as you head out.

The amber from the Dominican Republic fossilized easily and is regarded for being one of the highest quality ambers in the world, so, your purchases won’t be in vain.

  1. Costa del Coco

Sixty-four kilometers of uninterrupted white sandy beaches. The Coconut reef protects a tropical paradise with its trees. This area is quiet and relaxing all through the year, and it shows. WIth white sandy beaches in every corner, you can lounge away and enjoy a book, or go for a swim with your family. The area since, the 1980s have seen the rise of several tourist centers and places where you can go to have food and relaxation.

So, if the azure waters of the Caribbean. The excellent seafood of the coast and the shade of the coconut trees protecting a pristine beach culture appeals to you; you should make your way here. Costa del Coco also boasts of perfect spots for you to laze around and go exploring, the coconut grove and the long beach make perfect excuses for long walks and some much-needed hiking experiences.

  1. Aquamundo Sambil Santa Domingo

Santa Domingo also hosts one of the most exciting aquariums you’ll ever see. Packed brim to brim with the marine life that the Caribbean is known for the main attractions pulls in thousands of visitors each year. You can check out the main attraction and walk among the sharks, and you go through a constructed tunnel in between the tanks where these sharks live.

The aquarium will fascinate kids, given that the Caribbean holds a splendor of marine life that everyone can enjoy by themselves. Remember to catch the views of the colorful schools of fishes, and the fearsome sharks passing by nearby.

  1. Punta Cana

The area that attracts the most visitors in the Dominican Republic is still Punta Cana. Putting up a tourist hub of sorts where many kinds of people can mingle and have fun makes this one of the most exciting places you can visit. Remember to visit the world-famous beaches which are kept pristine by the case of the authorities and the local tourism companies.

Throughout, you can also enjoy delicious snacks and food from the local restaurants that dot the coastal region here. Punta Cana also offers you a rare treat of laying in the Caribbean spa and treating yourself to a body massage as you look over the sea.

Just get yourself over to one of the tourist centers, and let yourself relax fully.

  1. Bayahibe

One of the many national parks on the site, this is a pristine beach you don’t want to miss. The quaint little beaches make a great excuse for family time and offer you some of the best places to swim in less crowded waters. Also, a favorite area for adventure enthusiasts there is several options like snorkeling like diving available here. You could also go on a kayaking tour with an instructor all along the way and see the nearby islands.

Of particular interest are the Saona Islands where the indigenous sea turtles come to nest. If you try snorkeling, you might come face to face with some of the most beautiful marine populace in the world, with schools of colorful fishes surrounding you every step of the way.

Of course, like with many Caribbean centers, this boasts of a strong seafood culture too. Eat the freshest food imaginable as you rest here, and have some fun.

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