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How to Plan an Around the World Trip

summer road tripThe fact you have clicked on this article means you are most likely considering traveling the world. You are bound to feel a little scared but incredibly excited for the adventure that lies ahead. So, to help you get off to the best start, here is how to plan an around the world trip.

Pick Your Bucket List Destinations

Here comes the fun bit. You can spend hours online finding your bucket list destinations, identifying the different cities, towns and resorts to visit during your backpacking experience. Identify the route you want to take and how you are going to take it, whether on a plane, train, coach or car – and make sure you select experiences that are a little bit out of your comfort zone for an unforgettable adventure. To start your research, visit for inspiration.

Create a Budget

Planning a budget is the slightly less fun bit but will be an essential part of your backpacking trip. Your travel savings will determine where you visit, the duration of your visit and how you live during your time abroad. If you do not have enough funds, it might be worth waiting a few months so you have the finances to enjoy your travel experience to the full.

Bear in mind, you will not only have to pay for your flights and hotel, but you will need spending money, travel insurance, clothing, and you may have to pay out for travel vaccinations, visas and essentials.

Travel Vaccinations

Speaking of travel vaccinations, you must identify any jabs you might need, which will provide protection against various diseases that could be rife in your chosen country, such as rabies, yellow fever or malaria. Speak to a doctor about every destination you plan to travel to so you will not be struck down with a serious or fatal illness.

Find the Best Flights

The biggest travel expense will be your flights, so you should scour the internet to find the best deals for an overseas adventure. To reduce flight costs, you could opt for a round the world ticket, which will take you on a journey to different countries and continents for a fraction of the price – and the money saved can be used towards excursions, clothing, food or souvenirs.

Plan Your Wardrobe

You are probably already thinking ahead to your travel photos, and may have even picked out the perfect outfits to match; however, before you rush in, you must identify how much you can physically carry with you on your travels. It is often best to pack staple pieces and buy other essentials as and when you need them. The more you take, the more you must carry, so be sensible when it comes to packing a case or you could regret your choices once you reach the airport.

Fly at the Best Times

You are traveling the world, so there are bound to be some temperatures or weather conditions you don’t like at some point. However, if you have your heart set on stepping on snow in Poland, book your trip for December and deal with all the other weather conditions along the way. So, pick your destinations carefully, as it might be best to wait a few months to make the most out of a travel experience.

Travelling the world can be a little daunting, but if you plan ahead, browse the market and fly at the best times for your needs, you can guarantee you will have an unforgettable journey across the world – so remember to take a camera, because you will not want to miss a moment of your overseas adventure.

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