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How to Beat Boredom on a Tedious Work Trip

rfeqrfqerWork trips are rarely much fun. Not only do you have to deal with tricky clients but you are also away from family, so loneliness is an issue. The longer your trip is, the harder it will be to keep things interesting, although exploring a new city always helps.

Since we don’t enjoy spending time in anonymous hotel rooms any more than you do, we have come up with some useful ways to beat the utter relentlessness of a work trip. They might not all work for you, but live dangerously and give some of them a try.

Explore the City without a GPS Device

We all take GPS mapping apps for granted, but they take all the fun out of exploring a strange city. It’s way too easy to ask Siri to direct you to the museum or station. You miss out on the curious little backstreets and hidden places most tourists don’t see, so ditch the GPS and just walk instead. Follow a random trail and see where it takes you. It’s a lot more exciting than taking the direct route!

Note: it’s handy to keep your phone fully charged, just in case you a) get completely lost and need to call an Uber, or b) something nasty befalls you.

Local Internet Dating

For all you single ladies (and guys) out there, a business trip is an excellent opportunity to sample the local talent. Since you won’t be in town that long, log into a dating app such as Tinder and see who is available for a coffee or beer. You never know – you might make a genuine connection with someone special and end up with a great reason to come back soon, but if it all goes horribly wrong, at least you have an exit strategy all sewn up.

Check Out the Local Sports Team

If you hate sports, this one is not for you, but if you enjoy watching sports buy tickets to see the local team in action. In Canada, for example, hockey is big news, but in the UK, football or rugby are the go-to sports. You can buy tickets online or pay on the day. You never know, you could end up falling in love with a brand new sport.

Learn the Local Language

Learning a new language is a fun way to pass the time in a foreign country. What’s more, you can then go out and practice your new language skills. There are many language apps available for Android and Apple devices, so try a few on for size. Once you have mastered the basics, head out to a local coffee shop or store and practice your new-found skills. Most locals are delighted when a foreigner takes the time to try to speak in the native language, so expect much better service in restaurants and bars.


The ancient art of origami has been keeping people entertained for centuries. You don’t need anything other than a sheet of paper and some origami instructions. It’s the perfect activity for a miserable day or if a client is late for a meeting. Keep some paper in your briefcase and whip up an origami crane when you run out of books to read or Facebook has nothing new to offer.

Join a Local Running Club

Do you enjoy pounding the pavement in your spare time? Running in a strange city is challenging because you don’t know the way. It’s easy to get lost and you might end up in a dodgy neighborhood. Instead, connect with a local running club and ask if you can become an honorary member for however long you are in town. It’s a great way to make new friends and kill some time in a strange city.

If you try any of the above, let us know how you got on in the comments section!

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