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Hotel Room Tips For a Much Better Stay

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, picking the right accommodation is very essential for a much relaxing and productive stay. After all, your hotel room is where you spend your "down time" during your trip. But how do you ensure a much better stay inside your room?hotel room

Upon arrival

Talk to the hotel receptionist before taking the key to your room. Here are some questions to ask:

How close is the construction? Almost every hotel is in some phase of reconstruction or renovation that may bother you during your stay. Don't take a hotel room that is close to a construction site. The loud drill of the jackhammer filling your room isn't the best thing to hear when you're hungover or busy with work.

Choose a room under the 8th floor. Some fire departments can only reach as high as the eighth floor during a fire emergency. While the higher floors have the best views, lower floors have better access to the ground and you can get out fast.

But don't take a room on the ground floor. While it isn't advisable to take the penthouse, it's not safe to take a room at the ground floor of a hotel either-especially if the room has doors and windows to the outside. If you have no other choice, choose a room facing the interior of the hotel.

Request for a room in the middle of the hallway. Rooms near the elevators are the safest, but they can also be the noisiest. Corner rooms may be intimate, but are also hidden, making it easier for thieves to access. If you're staying alone, better choose a room in the middle of the hallway.

Stay with your luggage. Keep an eye on your luggage as you check in. If a bellman offers to take your bags to your room, keep your valuables with you (laptop, wallet, jewelry, etc.) and ask for the bellman's name.

Room safety

Never compromise your safety. After entering your room, check the following:

Check for functional locks. Does your room have a functional locking system and a peephole? Electronic key cards can track each time the door is opened. If your room doesn't use electronic key cards, check the deadbolt and safety chain. If they seem loose, request to be moved to another room.

Check the telephone line. You should make sure that the phone in your room can make outside calls.

Does the hotel have 24-hour security? It is comforting to know that the hotel provides 24-hour concierge or security-this gives you peace of mind when feeling unsafe.

Room cleanliness

Aside from safety, cleanliness is another thing to look out for when staying in a hotel room. Here are some tips.

Remove the bedspread. Chances are, those sheets may be the one used by previous guests because comforters are seldom washed. You can also check for bedbugs by removing the sheets and looking at the mattress for red and brown marks.

Disinfect items. Anything that you're touching are the exact things that previous guests have touched too. These items include the remote control, the light switches, and the telephone. Normally, the housekeeping team doesn't clean this items so better get a disinfectant towel and clean them before the bacteria from their hands transfer to you.

Clean available glasses. Those glasses on the bathroom sink? They're not properly washed and can contain a multitude of bacteria. What you can do is run it with hot water for a couple of minutes before deciding to use it. Better yet, use your own glass for brushing your teeth!


Whether checking into a hotel in Las Vegas, Chicago, or New York, these tips will help make your stay more safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.

If you have any questions, please ask below!