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Highland Park Area: An Overview

Choosing a place to stay or to settle is not an easy task. There is a plethora of aspects that we need to consider such as the location, the neighbourhood, the house, and the price of the area. These are what keeps us drained from finding a place where we can call home. That is why in this case, we need to have a guide to help us choose the best wisely.

California is one of the most visited and in demand counties to live in today. Why? Because of its geographical area, as well as its history – known for its variety of socioeconomic groups and ethnics which drops mainly to Highland Park area.


Highland Park is a hilly neighbourhood considered as the highest density in Los Angeles. The population is composed of different ethnics including people that came from abroad who actually dominates in the area. For this reason, the Highland Park real estate sector has known a boom over the last years. The area has a lot of tourist attractions and history, thus many people come to know and experience the beauty of the place.

Another thing that’s interesting about the place is the rapid growth of change from being a place full of gang activities to being a place where one would love to live in. Most of its historic venues have been renovated while still emphasizing the traditional values of the local culture. The top tourist spots that one can explore are the Skookie lagoons, Sunset Woods Park, Openlands Lakewood Preserve, Middlefork Savanna Forest, Rosewood Park, Japanese Garden, Glencoe Beach, Hybernia Nature Preserve Eagle Park, and many more.

There are also a lot of things that you can do or visit nearby like taking a walk at York Boulevard and visit some amazing art galleries, the bowling alley and or stop at one of the famous restaurants.

The transportation in the area is serviced by LACMTA -Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. It is also serviced by the historic Arroyo Seco Parkway or formerly know now as Pasadena Freeway. Aside from transportation, there are a lot of prestigious schools that one can go to such as the Saint Ignatius Loyola School, Yorkdale Elementary School, Arroyo Seco Museum, etc.


Aside from its social capability, the laws implemented in the area empower discipline and security. In terms of security and government protection, it’s worth mentioning that most of the government officers and previous officials who handled the area are highly respected persons.

Most of the legal activities that the area implements are related to the promotion of a friendly living environment which helps the people be more kind and compassionate with each other. In addition to that, the awareness of good health and strictly monitoring the crime rate in the area, have led over the past years to a steady decreasing in murder rates and other types of criminal activities such as drug trafficking and smuggling.


Like any other country, historically or even until now, there are still things that need to be improved. However, I believe that the key to a wonderful place to live starts with the people. Being supportive to the people around you is what makes the place stronger and beautiful. In fact there are a lot of notable persons who lived or who are still living in the Highland Park area and who earn a lot of respect – such as Jackie Beat (a drag performer and a comedian), Jackson Browne (musician), Skrillex (musician), Richard Loo (actor), Isaac Colton Ash (City councillor member), Franklin E. Roach (scientists and the father of aeronomy). These are just some examples of the many people who have shared their talents around the world, which makes Highlands Park also known abroad.

With all these facilities, it is very easy for people to live in this area.

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