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Guest is God: Attractive Tourism Attracting Tourists in India

Atithi Devo Bhava”! Yeah this is the slogan that Indian people swear by! We Indian treat our guests as our God. From the ancient time India has been an attraction to the whole world and people have been flocking in India across the globe, in search of peace, education, nature and beautiful destinations. According to a report published in Economic times on 22 January 2017, it has been stated that most number of tourist in India had came from US followed by Bangladesh and United Kingdome (UK). In the year 2015 almost 9, 13,000 tourists had came to India for tourism purpose. It has been forecasted that by the year 2020 almost 14, 000, 00 (1.41 million) tourists would be falling in India for tourism. Indian states are well connected with IRCTC rail networks, domestic flights and roadways. Tourist landing at Indra Gandhi international airport, Delhi can easily move to other states by trains looking at beautiful landscapes of Indian terrain. You can also taste the exotic taste of Indian food on train and that’s the best part of the train journey in India.

India has been known for its diversity, cultural heritage, ancient monuments and temples. But the fastest growing Indian tourism has lot in its pocket to offer you. Here, some of the kinds of tourism are enlisted that you can follow or add in your itinerary to have an everlasting beautiful experience of India ….The incredible India!

  1. Wildlife tourism: India has many different kinds of national reserved sanctuaries and parks offering wildlife tour to the foreign tourists. The experience is amazing looking at Bengal tigers, Apps, herd of elephants and many other animals moving freely. What you are going to find something really amazing is one horned rhinoceros at Kaziranga National park, Assam, India. There so many wildlife national reserved and parks offering jungle safari to the tourists. So if you are coming to India, do visit some of the national reserved parks to have memorable glimpses of many wild life creatures. Corbett National park , Uttrakhand, Sunder van National Park, West Bengal, keoladeo Ghana National Park, Bharatpur, Rajasthan , Gir national park, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are some of the eminent wildlife reserved which offers wildlife tourism to the tourist.
  2. Adventure tourism: Those foreign tourists looking for adventure can head to India to explore some of the breath holding and amusing adventures. River-rafting, skiing, trekking, rock climbing, Para-gliding and mountaineering are some of the really well-enjoyed adventure activities welcome the tourists with open arms. Many air, water and land activities which would drive you crazy and craving to indulge into mesmerizing sports. Usually people head to Laddakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand and Jammu and Kashmir to enjoy these activities. You can also head to Goa, Kerala and Sikkim to enjoy various water sports. All these cities are well connected with Indian railways network or you want to save on time then the facility of air-transportation is also available.
  3. Medical Tourism: To avail the cost-effective medical facilities, people are heading to India. The super specialty hospitals, medical services and institutes are providing world class treatment to their patients at comparatively cheap prices. Medical tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism in India. Almost 45% of foreign tourists are heading to Chennai (India) for medical tourism.
  4. Pilgrim Tourism: India is well known for the temples and secret places of worship. Thousands of people every year come to India to visit Vaishno Devi temple, Mathura – Vrindavan –Barsane, Kashi (Varanasi), Ayodhya and most importantly Maha Kumbha Mela at Prayag Raj. Each year thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Bodh Gaya (Bihar) to find peace, tranquility and proximity to lord Buddha.
  5. Monuments/ruins and wonders: No doubt that Taz Mahal (One of the wonders out of 7 in the world) at Agra (UP) attracts millions of tourist to look at its beautiful architect. But a lot of attractions are still to explore which would force you to believe, it as a next wonder in India. Red fort, India Gate, Jantar mantar, Golden temple, and Lotus temple is some of the great architect near Delhi to look at. Going in Rajasthan would leave you your mouth opened. Looking at such great buildings and forts of Kings is completely “WOW” feel. Hawa Mahal, Bhulbhulaiya and gate way of India is really joyful to visit. You can head to Rajasthan, Delhi, and Maharashtra to look at these ancient built structures.
  6. Wellness tourism: one of the rapidly growing tourism sectors of India. This kind of tourism offers physical and mental wellness to the tourist who are seeking peace, beauty, relaxation and of course overall wellness. It involves the tourist in yoga and meditation, Panch-karma wellness therapies , massage, spa and exercises. These places are maintained and operate at different locations all over India. You can head to Kerala, Mysore (Karnataka), Bangalore, Goa, Uttrakhand etc. to avail the best wellness therapies in the lap of nature and beauty scenic landscapes.

So these are some of the kinds of tourism segmented for you, if you are planning to visit India. The cultural diversity and diversity in terrains would give you a new feel at each place. Indians are really friendly by nature. We love to pose with our guests and give them a warm welcome. You will find many helping hands here to make your journey more comfortable. All the states are well connected with railway, air and road networks to make your journey hassle free. Don’t forget to taste the regional cuisines of Indian states as each and every state has some special food to offer in your plate. So, add some of the kinds of tourism in your itinerary to feel the essence of incredible India.

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  1. Absolutely, India is the only country where the guest is considered as god. And you have written this article very well, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.

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