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Great Locations to Travel in the World in 2017

The best places to travel in 2017 may be a choice for many as per the type of vacation a person may wish to spend on with their family and friends. When you come under any of the international tourist packages, there is a number of choices to select your own vacation spot. It is advisable to plan a proper vacation plan to meet as per your budget and spend your holidays peacefully. The below mentioned are one of all season places to visit in this world, which is the gift of Mother Nature. The below-mentioned places are also tourist friendly nations.

Vembanad Lake and Backwater Trial, Kerala – India

The backwater stretch from Kochi to Kollam is popular as the Venice of the East. This place is the best to enjoy traditional boathouse tour for couples, nature lovers, bird lovers and to see the beauty of Gods own country. This is an exotic place with lakes, the Arabian Sea on the west, small islands on backwaters, rivers and lagoons. The best way to enjoy Mother Nature is to hire a traditional boathouse and travel in between islands and from the north to south and east to west of the Vembanad lake, which will give you the glimpse of gods own county. This is a tourist friendly place and the number of international tourist coming here for natural spa, Yoga and Ayurveda are becoming mush popular now a day.



The Switzerland is one of the tourist friendly places to visit once in a lifetime. It offers one of the amazing beauties of the Alps Mountain. It’s snow packed mountain peaks, mountain ski resorts and mountain cable car are most important to go once in Switzerland. This is the best place for mountain trekking, ski, honeymoon couples, nature true and reaches the summit of Alps Mountain in Switzerland. This is an amazing place to spend a vacation with your family in any season. This is also a popular place for a ski vacation in the world.



The Dubai in UAE is the global city, which you must take as city tour, desert tour and visit one of the highest man-made towers in this world. It is the international tourist destination for skyscrapers. This place is popular as luxury tourists place. By visiting Dubai, you can witness and stay in one of the advanced construction and architecture present here as costly luxury hotels. This is the finest place for shopping, gold and spices. Dubai is famous for luxury vacation place for the rich and the famous people.



The Hawaii is the best exotic Island place to spend your long vacation once in a lifetime. By visiting this place, you are on the remote location on the Pacific Ocean. This place is popular for water adventure tour, nature tour, honeymoon tour, beach vacation and Island tour. It has one of the scenic seaside drives in this world. The best way to come here and enjoy your vacation comes in a group. It is the excellent place to spend your long vacation near silent sea beaches, uninhabited islands, mountain trekking, scenic beachside driving and a lot of fun activates to do near major tourists places of Hawaii. When you take a long vacation, you can see all the major islands and its attractions. The Hawaii Island vacation tour will be on the priority list of people who wish to travel across this globe. This is because; it is the only exotic island, which is in the remoteness of this world in Pacific Oceans and the bio-reserve.



While taking a city tour, you must not miss Malaysia in your city tour vacation plan this year. This is a happening city, where you can see thousands of tourists coming here every day throughout the year. This modern city offers you much more wellness (Spa and massage), nightlife and safari. The city will be looking marvelous during the night with a lot of skyscrapers. You can see the rich heritage and culture, which they entertain tourist during nighttime in the way of dance and music in major tourist places of Malaysia. When comes to tourists facilities and amenities, the Malaysian tourism has met the international standards and given much priority to tourists entering Malaysia. You can see the rich heritage and culture throughout the Malaysia.


New York

The New York City (NYC) is the great Alpha City you can spend your vacation as city tour in the present world. It is popular for skyscrapers, nightlife and sea beaches. This is the only place to see rich American museums, lovely gardens, island, advanced architecture, art culture and heritage in the city. This is the most happening city in this world with thousands of tourists across the globe visit daily. This is the only location on planet earth to spend nightlife with different multicultural people at one place in nightclubs. The neighborhood surrounding the NYC offers one of the budget accommodations for tourists.


The Maldives is one of the exotic island tours you can spend your vacation with peace of mind. It offers one of the traditional resorts and traditional foods that you cannot forget in your lifetime. The silent and shallow seawater are the best for scuba diving. This is the best place to take sunbath near sea beaches. There are many uninhabited islands, where you can spend your vacation with peace of mind with Mother Nature. The night sky watching from this place is amazing to see from this island, which is surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Maldives is popular for its scenic islands, international wedding and honeymoon destination on the island.


While planning your vacation, it is advisable to check the present political and social condition prevailing in those regions. It is advisable to book online for special vacation packages like golf vacation packages, ski vacation, paradise vacation packages, holiday lux vacation packages, and adventure vacation packages. This type of online booking will save your money, time and be tension free about your entire travel needs.

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