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Getting To Know The Coast Of Croatia

Croatia is the perfect destination for the tourists who are craving for a serene vacation. This mesmerizing nation is replete with enchantingly tranquil spots that are embellished with natural beauty. Whether you prefer some quiet time by the sea or enjoy the serenading music of nature, Croatia has it all. From rustic coastal cities and alluring national parks to lush green islands and medieval monuments, this country is a delightful fusion of natural wonders and cultural treasures that are bound to enthrall every traveler. Here are some of the most peaceful and charming destinations along the Croatian coast that will allow you to admire the beauty of this region in a soothing environment.

The City of Makarska


Makarska is one of the finest examples of the relaxed coastal way of living. With a horseshoe shaped bay that is embraced by sapphire blue waves and a lovely promenade flanked by coconut trees and cafes, Makarska is tailor-made for a peaceful vacation by the sea. Adding to the raw natural splendor of the region is the mighty Biokovo Mountain that looms over the landscape. The main town area offers a throwback to the past with its ancient churches and colorful markets while the Franciscan Monastery is one of the famous monuments of this region. The Sea Shell Museum on the premises of the monastery is another unique attribute of this quaint harbor town.

Krka National Park

Krka National Park

The Krka National Park is a kingdom of greenery that is dotted with mesmerizing waterfalls. The cascades of Skradinski Buk and Roski Slap are frothy streams of water that pour down the slopes into turquoise blue pools, creating a surreal sight. The tranquil Krka River that flows through the heart of the park is home to Visovac Island, a tiny speck of land that houses a Franciscan Monastery that now serves as a museum. This national park offers a plethora of amazing spectacles and a boat ride is the best way to explore all its treasures. You can also plunge into the river where the water is not too deep for a rejuvenating swim.

Brac Island

Brac Island - Zlatni Rat Beach

Wonderful Brac island is among most beautiful destinations in the whole country, thanks to its rich nature and pristine beaches. The Zlatni Rat beach is probably the best known among them all, thanks to its unique and always changing shape. The beach is surrounded by warm and pleasant blue waters, perfect both for swimming and indulging in popular water sports. Not too far away is the location of the famous Dragon’s Cave. Although its interiors are not as scary as its name is suggesting, it is a great location to have a look into the far history of the island. And for those interested in somewhat more recent history and architecture, Brac is the home to many cultural relics, museums, and religious objects. Supetar Mausoleum is certainly one of the stand-out attractions, offering a peek into long traditions of Gothic and Renaissance sculpture building and carvings.

The City of Opatija


The city of Opatija displays the different styles of architecture, such as Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic, in the form of the magnificent buildings that adorn the landscape. It is also known for the array of wonderful sculptures that dot the entire city. The statue of the Maiden with the Seagull is one of the most famous landmarks of Opatija, followed closely by the spectacular Fountain of Helios and Selena. Villa Angiolina is known for its glorious design and opulent interiors while the Park of St. Jakob soothes the eyes with its greenery. Other popular attractions of this majestic city include the statue of Madonna del Mare, St. Jacob’s Church, and the Church of the Annunciation of Mary.

Vis Island


Vis Island is one of the farthest islands from the mainland and has therefore managed to preserve its rustic allure. This island was out of bounds for tourists from the 1950’s till 1989, due to security reasons, and has therefore not been subjected to too much urbanization. This is why Vis Island is known for its untarnished greenery and pristine beaches that attract travelers to its secluded shores. The Stiniva Beach is a gorgeous pebbled beach surrounded almost completely by mighty cliffs while the Green Grotto is a majestic sea cave where you can enjoy a refreshing dip. Mount Hum provides a phenomenal view of the town while trying out the juicy grapes and the fresh sea food that Vis is famous for is pretty much mandatory.

Hvar Island
Hvar Island is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia. Located in the Adriatic Sea, it is known for its Mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches. The island is renowned for its natural beauty, with its stunning landscapes and crystal-clear waters. Hvar is also home to a number of small villages, each with its own unique character. Visitors to the island can explore the picturesque streets, visit the local markets, and a variety of activities, including swimming, sunbathing, hiking, and sampling the delicious Croatian cuisine.Small ship Croatia cruisesoffer an intimate and relaxed way to explore Hvar Island and other beautiful spots in Croatia. With a small group of like-minded travelers, you can enjoy all that this incredible country has to offer.

These serene spots offer a peaceful atmosphere along with the most intriguing sights and sounds of the region. They exhibit the versatile colors of nature as well as the relics from Croatia’s golden history in a fascinating manner. If you wish to enjoy a vacation in Croatia that is devoid of the touristy hustle and bustle then visiting these fabulous destinations is a must.


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