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How to Pack Perfectly for a Summer Holiday

It might be the middle of winter in Britain, but it’s always hot on the equator! A summer holiday doesn’t have to happen in the summer, it can be at any time of year. It’s common to travel somewhere hot during colder months, that way it feels like you’re really benefiting from it. But if you’re a busy bee, and don’t have a lot of time for your hands, how do you make sure you’ve packed everything? How much are you going to need? Many will stay away for 1 week, so the list below is going to be based on that (and based on only using hand luggage!). So, what should you pack?

Sun Lotion & After Sun

This might seem like an obvious answer, however you want to make sure that you not only bring enough to last you your entire holiday but you also want to be sure this is in your handbag/backpack so you can start using it the second you’re out of the airport without having to go into your suitcase. Also make sure you get a factor 1 higher than you’d normally use at home, just in case it’s not strong enough to compete with a different heat. So if you normally use factor 20, go for factor 30 instead. Remember, you’re only allowed to take liquids on a plane in 100ml bottles that are sealed in a clear resealable bag.

sun lotion

Various Swimwear

Don’t just take the 1 swimsuit with you! Many make this mistake and get bored of the same thing over and over. Always have at least 2 types of swimsuit with you, a bikini and suit for ladies and 2 different kinds of short for the men. Also make sure before you go on holiday that these all still fit you okay as you don’t want them to have become too tight or loose since your last holiday away. Go for a test run in a local swimming pool before you go away, make sure they’re comfortable and are well fitting.

Beach Clothes

If you’re the kind of person who burns like a tomato in the sun, then you might want to consider some extra thin beach clothes. Sarongs are an excellent way to not only cover your dignity once you’re out of the water but it’s also 1 area of your body you won’t need to put sun lotion on. Lads might like to wear a thin t-shirt or a fetching tank top once they’re out of the water, whereas the ladies might prefer to weather feather light wrap around skirts or almost see-through dresses for added protection from the sun.Remember, these clothes should be thin and light materials, don’t wear thick cotton clothing on the beach or you’ll overheat!

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Thin Flat Shoes

Obviously, you’re going to want to bring some sort of sandals or flip flops. However, you should also think about any other shoes you’re planning on bringing with you. Ladies, I know you might really like that pair of heels you’ve been meaning to wear for ages but they’re not perhaps practical for a summer holiday. You can find plenty of small, non-heeled, shoes that look just as amazing and saves loads of space in your luggage. More room for more shoes! As for the men, you need to make sure you’re not packing large trainers or fancy leather shoes. They could get scuffed or ruined by sand etc. If you really want 1 pair of larger shoes then make sure you wear them on the plane and don’t pack them.

Plenty Of Washing Products

Whether you’re used to the heat or not, everybody sweats. You’re going to need to wash at least once a day, though it is advised that you wash twice as you could sweat a fair amount in your sleep. Make sure you bring your own shower gel, shampoo and conditioners. The hotel you are staying in may have their own, however their products may not work very well with your skin or cause you irritation. Besides, why not stick with what you know? Remember, you’re allowed 100ml per bottle in a transparent resealable bag in either you’re suitcase or side bag. Also, don’t forget to bring plenty of deodorant!

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Important Documents

It goes without saying, the important documents need to be kept in a safe place in your suitcase. You should photocopy all important documents and carry those separately (just in case you lose your official documents). It makes like easier when you have a photocopy of your passport when you’re having to go to the embassy to get a new one should yours become misplaced or stolen. Make sure you have all appropriate documents such as booking confirmation, flight tickets, passport and any travel insurance documents.

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