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Making the Most out of your Holidays in Tanzania

Everyone wants to see the fascinating wildlife, mountains, landscapes, rivers, deserts and beaches. When you are in Tanzania, you are exposed to many kinds of natural beauties. Safaris, cruising through beaches and mountains are some of the key attractions you will encounter in this beautiful country. We’ll have a look at some of the most attractive visiting places of this African country where you can spend your vacation. We are hereby describing the top 10 vacation spots of Tanzania to assist you in planning your dream vacation.

Visit Tanzania

1. The Serengeti, Northern Tanzania:

Serengeti is a very beautiful national park in Tanzania. If you are an unimaginable beauty seeker, you must visit this place. It is situated in the Serengeti ecosystem between the Mara and Simiyu regions. It covers an area of 14750 kilometers. The park consists of grassland plains, variety of animals, and natural beauties. You can witness the lifestyle and activity of lion, African leopard, black rhinoceros, African elephant, African buffalos, topi, waterbuck, gazelle, eland, baboon, impala, hyena, African wild dog, and giraffe here. Every year almost 1.5 million white bearded wildebeests and about 250,000 zebras migrate here. Tanzanian park is also famous for its numerous Nile crocodiles.


2. Mount Kilimanjaro, Northern Tanzania:

Tanzania can show you natural beauty that you have so far just imagined. You can visit Mount Kilimanjaro to experience the Africa's highest volcanic mountain. It has three volcanic cones and is a dormant volcanic mountain. It is also the world's highest free standing mountain which is about 5,895 meters high above the sea level. You don't need to worry about the volcanic eruption as the last major eruption occurred about 150,000 to 200,000 years ago.

beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro

3. Zanzibar, East Coast:

For a vacation tour, you can visit Zanzibar. It is a cluster of islands situated in the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. You can experience these beautiful small islands which are 20-50 kilometers off the mainland of Zanzibar. You can also find 2 large islands there named Ungula and Pemba. Every beauty seeker will be pleased to see this historic and divine place of natural charm.


4. Ngorongoro Conservation Area:

Ngorongoro crater is a large volcanic caldera within the area. This is a conservation area of Tanzania which is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Moreover, it is recognized as one of the seven wonders of Africa. It is located 180 kilometers of the west of Arusha in crater Highlands. You can also find most of the African animals there. At least 25000 large animals can be expected to live in this area. All these features of this land have brought it the reputation of being an unparalleled beautiful place.


5. The Selous, Southern Tanzania:

The Selous can be mentioned as Africa's most popular world heritage site. It's not a crowded site. Plenty of hippopotamus, crocodiles, elephants, cheetahs, African hunting dog, and black rhinos are the main attraction of this place. You can take your safari through the rivers, wetlands and swamps by boat. Walking safaris and night drivers are very popular here.

The Selous

6. Mahale Mountains, Western Tanzania:

Mahale Mountain Park is a national park of Tanzania which attracts thousands of beauty seekers from the world. It is located in the Western Tanzania and in the South of Kingdom town. Lake Tanganyika is a place of enjoyment here. This lake is the longest, second deepest and the lowest polluted fresh water lake of the world containing an estimated 1000 fish species. The main attraction of this park are the Chimpanzees, chain of mountains, Forest fauna and flora, forest birds, alpine bamboo, mountain rain forest, Beach along with Lake Tanganyika, Local fishermen and Sun set on the Lake horizon. May to October are peak months to visit and enjoy this place.


7. Tarangire National Park, Northern Tanzania:
Tarangire National Park is the sixth largest national park in Tanzania. You will find this beautiful place in Manyara Region. Large number of elephants, tree climbing lions and baobab trees are the centre of attraction of this park. You can enjoy viewing the resident zebras, wildebeest and other common African animals here like, giraffe, waterbuck, and olive baboons.

Tarangire National Park

8. Katavi, Western Tanzania:

Katavi national park was established in 1974 in Katavi region. It is a remote park and less visited among the national parks of Tanzania. It is the third largest park of Tanzania. It covers an area of 4,471 square kilometers, full of wildlife, wildebeests and other African animals. It is situated besides Katuma River. Cape buffalo, elephant, crocodiles and hippos are commonly seen animals in this region.


9. Ruaha National Park, Southern Tanzania:
Covering an area of 13000 square km, Ruaha Park is the largest park of Tanzania. It is situated in the middle of Tanzania about 130 kilometers away from Iringa. This park is mainly famous for elephants. birds, Kingfishers Hornbills, and Sunbirds. African wild dog and the sable antelope can be found in this park as special animals but unfortunately Rhinoceros were wiped out from here few years ago.

Ruha National Park

10. Mafia Island, East Coast (Indian Ocean):

Mafia Island is another tourist attraction of Tanzania. You can enjoy the divine beauty of islands there. This region has a large island and some smaller ones. You will find heavenly peach in your mind seeing the agriculture, fishing, and lifestyle of the fishermen there. This beautiful island is situated in Zanzibar and still one of the most attractive places of Tanzania.


So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your luggage and set out for your desired place. In Tanzania you will never feel bored. Enjoy your lovely vacation at the fullest.

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