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Furry Friends Travel Diaries: 5 Tips for Camping with Dogs

Camping trips are fun activities, especially if it involves the whole family. You can relax while taking a break from your daily activities. An additional fun factor that you can include in your family bonding time is bringing your family pet like your dog to your camping trips.

Bear in mind that bringing your dog require extra preparation. Your furry buddy may have special needs. If something goes wrong, a vet may not be immediately available to help you. So how do you ensure a fun family time for your whole family while you’re camping?

Read on to know about the things that you can do to prepare your dog for your camping trip. With the adequate preparation, both your family and dogs will enjoy your camping trip.

Visit Your vet Before the Camping Trip

You’ll be exposing your dog to unfamiliar environments, so you have to be sure that your pet is healthy enough to go on camping trips. Book an appointment with your vet and have your dog checked for necessary vaccinations. Get updates on your dog’s flea medication as well.

Look for Pet-friendly Camping Sites

Before you go camping, do your research and check if pets are allowed in the campsite. You’ll waste time and money if you go camping and you find out that the site doesn’t allow animals.

You also need to check if the campsite allows dogs to roam freely. Your dog might not like leashes, and you might have to restrain your dog if pets need to have one. If a camping site is not available, you cancheck out dog friendly retreatshere.

Bring the Proper Doggie Camping Gear

Water sources might be contaminated, so bring enough water for your dog. Don’t let your dog go hungry, so pack food and treats for the entire trip. Put the food and water on bowls, so your dog doesn’t make a mess while you’re feeding him.

You also need to bring a leash if you need to keep him in a specific area for a while. Bring toys to keep your dog occupied. Check his collar and dog tag, make sure that the dog tag has all your contact information in case your dog gets lost.

If you’re going swimming, bring extra towels for your dog. Your pet might feel cold especially during the night, so make sure to dry him off properly. Give him a blanket to keep him warm at night.

Carry a First aid Kit

Hopefully, all will go well on your camping trip. However, there are accidents which you can’t prevent so come prepared.

Tote a first aid kit for your dog which can include gloves for you. Your dog’s vaccination records, a muzzle in case your dog lashes out if it’s in extreme pain, bandages, and gauze to cover wounds, and scissors for cutting fur and bandages.

Add soap for removing dirt, hydrogen peroxide for cleaning wounds, and tweezers for removing embedded objects.

Teach your Dogs the Proper Camping Manners

If there are fellow campers on site, make sure that your dog knows how to behave appropriately. Keep him on a leash if needed, and don’t let him disturb other campers.

Don’t let your dog out of your sight. If possible, your dog should always stay near you, or another family member, so you’ll monitor the activities of your pet.


Family camping trips are fun, and memorable experiences made more fun by family pets like dogs. Before bringing your dog on your journey, there are a few things that you should remember for a smooth sailing camping trip for the whole family.

Visit the vet before the trip to make sure that your pet is up for a camping trip. When it comes to location, search for pet-friendly sites where your dog can also have fun. Make sure to bring sufficient food and water for the entire trip so your dog won’t get hungry or thirsty. Tote a first aid kit in case of pet-related emergencies.

Be respectful to fellow campers on site. Put your dog on a leash or keep your pet close at all times to avoid unwanted accidents.

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