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Best Features of a Smoky Mountain Campgrounds

The Smoky Mountains National Park in the United States is located between North Carolina and Tennessee. They’re an amazing assortment of mountains, valleys, ranges, and rivers. The park accommodates all kinds of wildlife, animals, and birds. They are the tallest of the Appalachian chains and are known for their wildflowers, autumn colors, waterfalls, and Black bears. There are many attractions in the Smoky Mountains, and the best is the unique campgrounds found in the National Park. They have exceptional features that cater to all the visitors camping desires ranging from car camping, tent, to horse riding. Explore some of the unique features of the Smoky Mountains campgrounds.

Awesome TIPI Accommodation

Most people are used to tent or RV camping, however, the Smoky Mountain campgrounds offer a little different and more fun camping TIPIS. There are three camping TIPIS for rent. The little deer, the dancing bear, and the big fish provide a memorable camping experience. The tipis can be rented to accommodate up to four people or collectively for group fun. The view of the surrounding environment is fascinating.

Nearness to the National Park

The camping grounds are within a walking distance of the Smoky Mountains National Park. The ridge upon ridge of forest National Park is one of the most visited parks in the United States. The amazing wildlife ranges and the Appalachian Mountain remains are the greatest attractions. There are endless things to do in the park as one resides in the Smoky Mountain campgrounds.

Fun Swimming Hole

The Smoky Mountains floss amazing swimming holes along the river. Some of the best holes in the mountains include the sinks, the flint rocks, the midnight hole, and the little river swimming hole. The flint rock is the favorite in the smokies. It is an amazing place to splash and relax with loved ones. Along the banks of the little pigeon river is a private beach to enjoy the summer sun. The swimming holes are one of the major attractive features of the Smoky Mountain campgrounds.

Great Fishing Opportunities

Fishing is allowed in the park. For lovers of fishing, there is no need to leave the Smoky Mountain campgrounds. The campground offers licensed fishing opportunities at the Little Pigeon River. All that is required is to bring one’s fishing gear and enjoy a relaxing day. Dinner is available at the campsite, and you can enjoy a beautiful evening around the firepit.

Free Wireless Internet

While enjoying camping, you can still connect and share with the outside world. This is possible through the free wireless internet provided at the campgrounds. The connection allows tourists to get the right directions to desired attraction sites and navigate easily. It also makes it possible to get a weather forecast and plan well for outdoor activities. Vacation and camping are more fun when shared with loved ones, this is possible at the Smoky Mountain campgrounds.

Camping at the smokies is always a memorable experience. The campgrounds are not only good for people but also pet friendly. There is a lot of space for bicycle riding as well as exploring the grounds on foot. The Smoky Mountain campgrounds also provide golf carts for rent. Knowing the unique fascinating features of the smokies makes outdoor fun even better.

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