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Amaze Your Visitors by Designing Your Own House Like an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer will be an expensive affair. Although they have the expertise to create beautiful houses, many of us might not be able to afford an interior designer. Also, many of us might want to create our own designs for our home.

There are several online sites that offer beautiful designs for you to get an idea of how to design your home yourself. However, if you haven’t yet found one, here is a suggestion for you to immediately check homestyle designs on the internet.

Once you click on the search button, you will see a lot of home designs and all you need to do is save them and take ideas from them. After selecting the designs, you need to work on it. There are also several online sites from where you can buy different unique accessories to make your home look pretty and unique.

The most exciting and difficult thing while designing your room is to select a furniture. With so many options to select furniture for your room, it can be really confusing to find useful and comfortable furniture.

Interior Secret is the most amazing designer furniture store to suit your desire that provides unique and amazing furniture for you to purchase and get it delivered to your doorstep. You can visit their showrooms as well as their online site to order your desired furniture sitting back at your home.

  • Furniture

You can add furniture to your living room, dining room, rest room as well as your bed room. Instead of buying one single set, you can add a mixture of large and small sofa sets to your living room giving it a cool design.

  • Colour combination

After buying your desired furniture you can look at the color combination of your room and decide on the color of your wall. Selecting colors for your house is a permanent thing, colors are like themes of your house that you cannot change the way you can on your phone. So, you need to be sure on the colors you want in your room.

Mixing three colors in your room gives it a unique attractiveness. Choose your own colour but select three shades. After selecting your furniture, select a colour for the walls in contrast to your furniture, after doing that you can select another contrasting color for the small accessories in your home.

  • Lights

Make sure that the amount of light getting into your room brightens the color of your room enhancing its beauty. If natural light seems to enter less, then you can put decorative lights. A piece of beautiful chandelier light would look very beautiful in your room.

There are pretty night lamps available in most stores which you can keep in your rooms. You can also put wall mounted nightstands that are not only well crafted but are also durable. These night stands give an aesthetic look to the room.

  • Small accessories

You can place a glitzy tray on the coffee table or on the side table of your living room. Add some books and a bowl of colored stones in it to decorate the tray. You can also add decorative baskets in your rooms to give it a unique flavor.

You could add flowers and plants as well in the room. Designers suggest not to keep artificial plants in the house. However, there are many plants that can be easily taken care of if you feed and water them from time to time.

A beautiful painting can also act as a cherry on the cake in your room. Instead of buying usual paintings from the store, buy some paintings from exhibition and put it in your drawing room. Paintings from exhibitions are not only beautiful but are also very rare.

  • Kitchen

Modular kitchen in trend will only look beautiful but also gives you ample place to keep all the kitchen tools in it without occupying too much space. Put a chimney in the kitchen and add a narrow shelf that you can use as storage without using much space.

So, with the help of internet, designing your own house instead of hiring expensive interior designers, you can actually make everyone wonder if you have hired a personal interior designer.

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