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A Guide to the Perfect Destination and Beach Wedding Dresses

Are you planning a destination & beach wedding? Maybe you are thinking of an ideal wedding in the Bahamas or the French Riviera? Probably you have picked on the exciting Bali or the British Virgin Islands? These weddings are romantic, relaxed and easy to plan and this makes them a good choice for a creative couple.beach-weeding

Of course there are many reasons to go for a destination wedding including the chance to pull off a glamorous wedding. The experience will be unique and memorable and of course this is a chance to enjoy the perfect family reunion. Your honeymoon also starts immediately if you have chosen a truly mesmerizing destination.

Whatever your choice of destination you will agree that planning for the prefect destination wedding can be a nightmare. There is so much to do and among the most important decisions you have to make is the choice of a wedding dress. This is

Choosing a Destination and Beach Wedding Dress

For your beach or destination wedding you have to think outside the box. From the material used, embellishments to the color and styling, everything about your wedding dress is unique. You should buy a dress that perfectly suits your location.

Your dress color should complement the environment which in this case is expected to be feature the blue ocean and sunshine. Make sure you go for bright and playful colors to blend seamlessly into the destination you have chosen.

To make this important day truly memorable, make sure you choose a dress that is neat and casual and which complements the beautiful surroundings. More importantly, the dress should be comfortable to wear in the sun because the last thing you want is to sit in the sweltering heat under a bridal gown.

The fabrics should be light to allow for free flow of air and to ensure you can easily move around the beach and engage in the merry making that accompanies destinations weddings. Choose a shorter train and make sure the volume is less to allow more freedom for movement.

If you are to fully enjoy your big day, you must have the freedom to get down and have fun. In most cases, you will use a local designer for your dress and this makes portability an important factor. Portability should be at the top of your mind when choosing the dress design. The alst thing you want is a spoilt wedding gown arriving on the morning of the big day.

What to Avoid in a Destination & Beach Wedding Dress

When comparing beach wedding dresses make sure you go for an easy style that accentuates the feel of the ocean and that allows you to enjoy your big day. Skip the formal gown and chapel train which will bog you down. You should also avoid heavy fabrics however glamorous they look. Stop thinking about high heels for once, even if they might complement your look, they will not work in the sand.

Different Choices of Destination and Beach Wedding Dresses

Among the bridal dresses types you can choose from include:

  • Designer Wedding Dresses: Don’t compromise on elegance even during your wedding day.
  • Short wedding dresses such as one with Off-the-Shoulder Neckline or Short A-Line.
  • Casual wedding dresses such as sheath or two-piece wedding dress
  • Plus-Size wedding dresses with V-neckline, a halter dress, cap sleeve wedding dress or with illusion neckline.
  • Lace wedding dresses to add a touch of the whimsy and romance. Include crochet lace, blush lace, tiered lace and classic lace wedding dresses.
  • Sexy beach wedding dresses

So many styles to choose from for your destination and beach wedding dress. Whatever you do, take time to do some research before buying your dress. Go for lighter fabrics, playful colors and style, shorter dress with no train and a portable one. Now that a destination wedding is supposed to be fun, make sure the dress you choose reflects the spirit of this glamorous event.

If you have any questions, please ask below!