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A Guide to South Bank, London

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it comes to a pleasurable holiday trip nothing comes in your mind at the first place than London. The capital city of England is all enticing, alluring, and attracts thousands of travelers every year. No matter what the season is there will be visitors seen flocking around the streets and the hotels shall be seen busy. This tourist hotspot is associated with glamour, beautiful architecture and extravagant shopping. Though there are plenty of tourist attractions and amazing places to visit, but nothing could beat the charm of South Bank in London.

South Bank is known to be the cultural heart of the capital city. It is an ideal tourist hotspot which offers multiple fascinating things to do. South Bank is a place which is always lively and happening. Some or the other events are going on every now and then. It is estimated that around 14 million people visit this way each year. It is ideally located between the renowned London Eye and the Tower Bridge. Other than being a well known area for attractions etc, it is a great entertainment venue as well.

Visiting South Bank is all about get indulged in fun and frolic events. While you are here in the city for leisure travel get your stay booked at Hyde Park Accommodations. Great facilities and comfort combine to give guests all the pleasure. These hotels are well facilitated and offer variety of rooms to choose from.

Moreover, when we talk about South Bank here are some of the important things that you can't afford to miss out:

BFI Southbank

BFI Southbank

Have the pleasure of witnessing the leading grand repertory cinema in the UK. It is the BFI Southbank which specializes in several non-English, classic and independent films. It is operated by the very famous British Film Institute. It is an auditorium featuring state-of-the-art projection facilities and can seat up to 450 people. It is quite a convenient business venue as well. For those who plan to host large business events and conferences can do so right here at the BFI. Perhaps it is even a sorted venue for film premiers.

Most of you witness cinema every now and then, however if you really want to taste the best of it then BFI Southbank is the place where you will have to come.

National Theatre of Great Britain

National Theatre Philips Logo

It is one of the most premier and signature attractions in the South Bank's complex. Though the National Theatre was founded in 1963, but its charm is still afresh and is like never fading. It boasts of being a home to one of the prime theatre which is publicly funded. It comprises of three theatres named Olivier, Lyttelton Theatre and last but not the least the Cottesloe Theatre. Unlike other West End theatres you can ask for lot more at this one. It showcases variety of programs including the best of Shakespeare and other contemporary plays.

South Bank has plenty of stuff available to entertain all ages and tourists are bound to enjoy the fascinating history, fun and activities for kids. It is a great spot for a family day out as the South Bank of Thames is an area which is easily walk able.

Lower Marsh

Lower Marsh

The Waterloo neighbourhood of the capital city is adorned with a street named Lower Marsh. It is a vivacious street road which is quite well known for the fabulous pubs, highly acclaimed vintage shops, art galleries, bookshops and lot more. For those staying at the Grand Park London Hyde Park shopping becomes easy for them. The market in total comprises of 77 stalls all selling something or the different stuff. It is a hub for several independent merchants. You shall find everything here from vintage memorabilia shop to classical and jazz music shop.

Southbank Centre

Southbank Centre

Witness the largest single run art centre in the world. If you have the pleasure of staying near Southbank then this attraction should not be missed. The amazing Southbank centre includes the very famous Hayward gallery, Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Royal Festival Hall. They deal in variety of other subjects too including all art forms. Most of the events held at the Southbank centre have quite a many free activities and events to be a part of. Here you shall find everything from music to poetry readings and more. Live, dance and sing to the musical tunes of life here at the Southbank Centre in London.

London Aquarium

London Aquarium

As said above that the place can give pleasure to all ages, the London Aquarium holds this true. The wonders of the underwater sea are worth watching. One can dive into the world of strange yet beautiful creatures of the deep sea. Moreover, the close views of everything make the entire thing even more fascinating.

Where to Eat Lunch?

While you are roaming around here and there within the city, Southbank Centre is one of the prime locations to stopover for a grand lunch. There is no dearth of family friendly restaurants. Moreover, if you have kids along then nothing could be more enjoyable than planning a picnic in the Bernie Spain Gardens.

All this combines to make Southbank an ultimate tourist destination which is a must visit for all travellers no matter their purpose of visiting London city.

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