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9 Awesome Things to Do In and Around Seattle In Winter

Seattle In Winter

Now that winter is finally here, the desire to snuggle under a pile of cozy blankets is truly irresistible. But hold your horses! Take a pledge to resist this hibernation because Seattle has a lot in store for you this holiday season. From an exquisite range of hand-crafted cocktails, an exotic array of lip smacking delicacies and a whole new slew of spectacular exhibits- the city is ready, in all its glory, to welcome travelers and locals. So if you’re planning to spend your winter in Seattle, here are 8 amazing things that you should definitely try.

Spend Some Time Amid The Beautiful Art

Scattered around every corner of the town, Emerald City’s exquisite assortment of museums come with their own slice of Zen and tranquility. So if you’re looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, nothing can work better than spending some time amid art. You can always visit the Seattle Museums during museum month to soak in some credible knowledge about history. For the more novel explorer, stop by the Wing Luke Museum to discover more about Bruce Lee and his life in Seattle. You can also stop by the Chihuly Garden to explore the bright and exquisite glass walls or the Seattle Art Museum to explore the incredibly beautiful rotating collections of modern and ancient art.

Experience The Magic of Holidays in The Snow Flake Lake

If you’re in the mood for some holiday magic, head to Snow Flake Lane ASAP. Set amidst the heart of Downtown Bellevue, this lane features a twenty-minute holiday performance with quirky toy soldiers and your favorite characters from winter fairy tales. The entire area is decorated with fairy lights, snow, and music that perfectly resonates the holiday fervor. This show will lift up the gloomiest of spirits and is a must visit if you’re looking forward to experiencing the holiday vibe. The best part- this entire performance is free.

Visit The Tropical Garden

Designed to model London’s Crystal Palace, the Volunteer Park Conservatory can heat to an extent of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, giving visitors a much-needed respite from the wintry outdoors. This is a glass-paned conservatory and its warm indoors will keep you comfortable and feeling snug. As you enter the conservatory, wander along the peaceful rooms of the Greenhouse. Here, you’ll find a best-in-class botanical garden that comes with a huge array of plants. So whether it is orchids or cactuses that you’re fond of- you’ll find all of it, in this beautiful tropical garden. If you’re still not comfortable with the regulated temperature, simply head to the Tropical Butterfly House at the Pacific Science Hall. Here, you’ll find more than 800 bright butterflies just as gorgeous as the vibrant flowers you’ll find them perched on, at a tad more comfortable temperature of 80 degrees.

The Seattle City Pass

In case you’re looking to take a trip to the primary attractions of the city, get the Seattle City Pass, right away. This pass will give you access to the primary attractions of the city. You can use this to visit the Pacific Science Museum, the Chihuly Garden, the iconic Space Needle, the Seattle Aquarium, the Woodland Zoo and the Museum of Pop and Culture. In addition to this, you will also get around 49% discount on other top attractions of the city.

Check out Leavenworth

If you’re willing to travel outside of the city then you won’t want to miss out on Leavenworth, a quaint mountain-nestled Bavarian themed village a two hour drive away from the Emerald City. When it comes to sports destinations, Leavenworth is definitely the favorite of Washington. This destination is best known for its winter sports, and it is even more popular for its Christmas lights during the holiday season. Every year, Leavenworth hosts a Christmas Lighting Festival during the winters. This festival is incredibly popular among the masses as people from every corner of the globe, visit to catch a glimpse of the spectacular lighting. The tourist spot is further decked with a Bavarian theme and with mountains all around it, Leavenworth definitely turns out to be a particularly perfect spot for spending some quality time with your family and loved ones.

Enjoy Lip Smacking Delicacies

Now that you’ve hovered around the best destinations of the city, it’s high time you sit back and relax to enjoy the lip-smacking delicacies of Seattle. Yes! The city comes with some phenomenal eateries with modern and truly intimate ambiance. You can always pop over to the classic Taylor Shellfish if you’re looking for something elegant and old-school. The brick-walled restaurant serves an exotic range of fresh oysters and other amazing seafood. In case you’re looking for something more urban and contemporary, head to the Clever Bottle in Belltown, for an intimate, candlelight dinner. This is an excellent joint for sharing small plates of salami and cheese with a couple of your favorite friends. The cocktails and wines are equally tasteful. Finally, if late-night noshing is what you look forward to, visit the Tayolata to enjoy their house-made pasta along with some best range of drinks. The giant communal table, on the other hand, will give you a great opportunity to make new friends.

Try Ice Skating

When it comes to enjoying the holiday spirit, nothing can work better than Ice Skating. Yes! Winter and Ice Skating totally go hand in hand, and if you’re in Seattle this winter, one of the best places to start your adventure would be the Kent Valley Ice Centre. This place has the best lights, cheery music and a great selection of food in the in-house food court. In case you’re looking to try something new, you can also head to the outdoors for an adventurous session of ice skating. Either way, you’re going to have an experience of a lifetime.

Bask in The Beautiful Zoo Lights

If you love spending your time amid lights and animals, the Woodland Park Zoo at Seattle is a perfect destination. T The grounds of these zoos are decorated with several thousands of light that look all the more beautiful when they are lit up during the night time Visit these spots if you’re looking to enjoy an entirely new zoo time experience.

Enjoy The Divine Taste of Craft Wine

If you’re wondering about the things to do in Seattle, you can also take part in the Seattle Distillery Tour to catch a glimpse of the dominating craft brew scene in the city. Get a taste of the divine handcrafted wine, have a chat with the makers and enjoy your holiday with the perfect holiday spirit.

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